Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hip/back update and more!

I figured since I was sitting here I might as well do a quick blog.  Well, at least start it.  I'm finishing up coffee and then I have about 3hrs. to get some errands run.  I hope I can knock them out and only have one trip to do later tonight or tomorrow.  But I figured I would do this while finishing up my coffee.... I need my coffee.  Not just for getting awake but for uhhh... other not so nice to talk about bodily things.  LOL

Anyways, my hips/back are still twisted.  I'm still not sure what caused it but it is taking FOREVER to get back into gear and it is frustrating me to no end.  I've not really been able to work out.  Not lifting anyways.  And I've been lazy on the cardio.  I just HURT.  The chiro noticed it right away and said, "Why are you all twisted?"  No clue.  But it's been a week and BOY is that showing on the scale.  So over the last few days, I've been eating closer to 1600 vs. the 1800 because... well, I'm not going to lose if I'm not active as normal.  So, I lost a couple of days due to pain and then a couple of days due to being busy.  I have no real excuses, that's just what happened.  Plus, honestly, I thought giving it a break, stretching gently, using the ice/heat and taking the ibuprofen would help.  I'm a 'bit' better but still feel like the muscle is sore.  But at least I'm able to move around and not feel like dying.  I'm sore and tired NOW but I've been to Home Depot to buy plants and paint, Costco to stock, and then Kroger to stock some more!  I am WORN OUT.  But OH SO THANKFUL that my neighbors watched the boys so I could go alone. 

You know, I have to say I feel really lucky on that front.  The folks across from us are pretty ok and we don't mind them as neighbors most days -- they're pretty nice and keep their houses up and all that.  Then we have the one neighbor who is sorta meh.  But on the other side we have great neighbors and now behind.  Has their been a smidge of drama?  Sure!  But... I get over it and move on.  Life is too short to be upset over something stupid.  Especially if it could be a situation where I misread or misunderstood.  With friends/family, I TRY to give the benefit of the doubt.  I get upset, I vent, and then it's time to decide to I face it or do I let it go.  For the minor stuff, I let it go.  Just isn't worth it, ya know?  Just like this last incident with a friend.  I chose to let it go after I originally was going to confront.  Mostly because I very well could have misread or misunderstood.  And it's not worth losing a friendship over.  It's just not.  But I have to say it makes life much happier having neighbors that are friends.  We can all help each other out!  Like going to the store when you know dragging two kids is going to be rough.  LOL  I don't really mind taking them, but I know they would've rather been outside and playing with friends.  So, it worked out really well.

Anyways, like I said I know that I've not been as active and it's showing.  No loss this week.  :(  Gives me the sadz because I've had consistent 1lb. losses every week until this last one.  But I KNOW it's because I haven't been able to lift or do any cardio like normal.  Although, I was happy to see 176.5 this AM which means that the higher number I saw just a few days ago was indeed ovulation (sorry TMI!) and water.  But I'm also worrying that I won't have a loss next week.  I was at 176.0 on 4/25 and then was up over the weekend and now back at 176.5.  I am not going to weigh again until Sunday, I believe.  Just to give myself a little bit of space and a chance for 'this week'.  And then see from there.  If I have a little loss there, then hopefully that means I am back on track.  I probably won't do lifting until my back is 100% again, but I can do some cardio.  :)  I just don't want to stress myself with vacay coming up.  That always backfires!

Well, it's getting late here and it's almost time to get these kiddos ready for and in the BED!  So, I'm going to go and get'er done. 

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  1. I hope your pain goes away. Is your bed comfortable? I slept in the worst hotel bed two weekends ago and I really could feel it when I got back to my own bed.


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