Saturday, May 3, 2014


I wish I could say that yesterday was a good and productive day.  But the reality is, it was long and unproductive.  I tried to do a few things, but my body protested in an uncomfortable way.  If I did too much, I got nausea and stomach cramps.  :/  I hate when I am overly tired and my body is like, "NO."  UGH.  So, we took it somewhat easy.  I did a few things, but not much and then we went to the neighbors to check out their improvements.  It's lookin' good!  That's where the kids are now, too.  They were invited over for a lunch picnic.  They were so excited!  So, off they went and here I am.  Sitting here like a zombie and trying to decide what to do with my day.  I went to bed very late/early because... I don't know why.  But tonight I'm going to try to get in the bed earlier. 

This AM's weight was between 177 and 177.5.  I guess I did more damage this week than good.  But it's one week and not going to get me down.  I do, however, need to get back in gear over the next couple.  Not just for weight loss but to feel good!  Because right now I feel sorta yuck.  I'm hoping by later I will feel human and be able to do a bit of housework to include cleaning up my fridge.  Like my broccoli.  I bought a big bag of it and have been eating it a lot, but it looks like over half a bag of it is going o go bad if I don't do something!  So I have decided to go through and compost any that is getting mushy, leave out a serving or two for tonight and tomorrow, and then freeze the rest.  I'm out of frozen broc anyways.  I just never realized how much they crammed into one of those bags!  But I'm glad I got it.  I really like broc.  I always have since I was little.  Now that's what I'm wanting for lunch... sauteed in butter.  YUM. 

I also need to do a project today if I can get myself in gear.  Work on bills.  OH!  And find a place for vacay because we STILL haven't booked and it's just a few weeks away.  I've already booked the house sitter, talked to our neighbors, and done all of that, but we just haven't found a place.  I'm almost to the point of cancelling and staying home to get a few things done.  LOL  Hmm.. that's not a bad idea.  And then maybe do something later in the year but smaller.  That's what it's looking like.  I guess we will see.

Ok, going to get off of here and go ahead and do something. 


  1. Aww, don't cancel. You need a vacation.

  2. Good luck with planning your vacation. I'm normally the planner and type up everything that we need to do. I do all the researching and I just tell Jason where to go.

    I hope your body is responding better this week. Have a great week!


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