Friday, June 27, 2014

A Quick One

I'm posting a little short blog tonight.  It's already late, but I wanted to post a little something.  Anyways, got up this morning and forgot to weigh first thing, but I did after breakfast and it said 180.  I was happier about that, but not super pleased.  But considering two trips within the last month, my cycle popping up, and now the stress of moving, I guess I should take it.  But I had hoped to be back down into the 170's.  At least to where I was the days before I left for the first trip.  I want to say 178.5.  But I am going to be patient and just do my thing.  I know how this goes and I just need to get my groove back and get to that number and then UNDER my lowest number of 174.  I always seem to stumble there and I'm not sure why.  Anyways, that's been on my mind today, but there hasn't been much angst.  Just the yup, gotta watch those portion sizes and keep moving along!

I had every intention of working out today, but instead, I worked out in the yard for around 4hrs.  I had quite the productive afternoon after feeling like crud when I got up.  I had a headache (faceache?).  Yeah.  Feel like I was sucker punched in the nose.  Gotta love living here!  *GRUMBLE GRUMBLE* I also have lovely tonsil stones.  They make my breath LOVELY!  :/  UGH.  Apparently TN no longer likes me either.  Maybe my body never did and I just never really got it.  I do now, TN.  I do now.  But I took some meds and got to feeling human and got to work.  I dropped off a decent load at the Goodwill and then headed to get pine straw.  I somehow got 12 bales in the wagon and got back home.  If you can believe it, I pulled weeds, cleaned the stones, pulled back the old needles/debris, put down fresh weed fabric, and then put down 5 of the pine straw bales.  That means I got one entire bed done and then about half of a second.  I always forget how big the beds are until I work on them.  LOL  But I am SO happy with how it looks!  Now if the weather will cooperate and I can get a bit more done.  I would LIKE to get one more coat of paint on the front door, refinish the deadbolt, and put one more clearcoat on the handle.  Then, I would like to clean the mailbox and maybe get a coat of paint on it.  Which will be a bit trickier since it's bronze and copper.  But I think I can handle it.  ;)  Then of course there is all of the exterior paint.  But I really think we are going to hire someone.  Again, we will see.

Hubby has been grouchy so that is annoying.  But I know it's this period of transition.  It's always hard on all of us.  But he gets grumpy.  I try to make it smoother, but he's not always receptive.  We will get through it, though.  He just needs to hand it over to God that it will work out however it is meant to work out. 

I guess that is all for tonight.  I really should get to bed, but now I have a smidge of heartburn.  Hmmm... maybe I need a small snack.  Just not sure what to have.  Oh well, off I go!

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  1. I hope you love Florida, and living next to the Gulf. I know I loved being so near to the ocean, and will love it again in the future. I lost a lot of weight, felt good in my body, and enjoyed being able to swim in the salty salty sea several times a week.
    I was concerned about being down here, because with the pregnancy I stopped taking my allergy pills, but everything has been great. I haven't had any negative allergy issues, and I take that as a good sign.
    Ah, yes, dealing with a grumpy partner. Chris is already grumbling about having to move things up and down stairs again. And preggie me won't be able to do anything at all. Tee hee hee. I told him it is his responsibility to find people to help us move, but I'm sure it'll be me that ends up doing it.


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