Saturday, June 28, 2014

Plainly Productive

Today didn't feel as productive as it could've been.  I was just... tired.  Last night was a seriously late night for me on TOP of the hours of yardwork.  So... I was just tired all day today.  Especially since hubby woke me up when he got home.  Rotten man.  Anyways, I got up with the decision to get things done.  But in the end, I don't feel like I accomplished all that much.  I got up and saw right away that the weather wasn't going to be super cooperative.  Overcast and calling for rain.  UGH.  So, I decided to take it easy, read a book, and then do whatever when the hubby got up.  So, that is what I did.  When he got up, I got dressed and hit the Chiro, HD for boxes, and then Ace for pine straw.  It POURED while I was at HD, but when I got back to my side of town, I went on for the pine straw at Ace so it would be dry.  I then got home, ate, and thought I would be ready to go but I just felt so DRAINED.  I didn't like that much at all.  :/

So, today just felt... like an off day.  I did get those errands run.  I did get two boxes packed (and one that I haven't finished filling, started another, and I'm looking for like items for a third).  I did get most of my dining room table cleared off along with my island.  AND, another kitchen cabinet sorted.  So, I guess it was an ok day, but I could've done more if I wasn't dragging.  I'm pretty darn proud of how we are cleaning out the food in the fridge, and managing to eat one or two items each a day out of the freezer.  I realize we will probably have to lose a few things (hopefully we can give them to friends/neighbors), but I want to try to minimize the waste if possible.  Darn!  Eating this froyo and pizza is so hard!  HA!  Well, not really pizza.  It's a flat bread thing.  And I ate a side of frozen broccoli with it!  But seriously, I'm working hard on that to make progress.  Even the boys are helping out as much as possible eating froyo, fruit pops, and corn dogs.  Rough life!  I'm mostly concerned about the freezers because that food is so costly and cannot be easily moved.  The pantry items may be a pain to move, but they won't go back like the frozen.  But we are slowly making decent progress.  I'm just going to keep picking away at it and hopefully we make a good dent. 

On that note of food, I decided to check weight this AM while empty.  I saw 179!  WOOT!  I HATED being in the 180's, but that is what can happen when you really get down with the food and alcohol and desserts for a few weeks!  Now, as you can see, I'm reigning those portion sizes back in and working my way back down.  Nothing drastic, just getting back to routine.  I still didn't work out today, but I think I should make that one of the things I do before anything else tomorrow.  I just feel so much better when I get that time in.  Plus, it's great for my back.  :)

Ok, not going to ramble on and on.  I need to get into the bed earlier tonight than I did last night.  So, I need to be hopping that way.  Until tomorrow!


  1. Hey! :) Well, its good to hear that you are getting back on track & congratz on being in 170s! :) It's okay being unproductive for a day and just relax. I heard it's good for the soul! haha :D

  2. Good luck with everything <3


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