Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back and forth

I've done some back and forth tonight on whether or not I wanted to blog.  In the end, I've decided to peck out a little something and just let it flow. 

I guess it's finally becoming clear we are moving, but people don't seem like they are taking it too seriously.  One person even made the comment of 'they've said it before'.  Well, no, no we haven't.  We've said we were moving and that we were preparing, but never that we were for sure moving.  Getting prepared and actually moving are two completely different things, ya know?  Why don't people get that?  Part of doing things is planning what you can.  And that is what we said all along.  That we were planning for a move when the hubby finished school.  But it's like it went in one ear and out the other because it didn't happen overnight.  It's the same mental games they play with weight loss -- it just doesn't happen overnight.  But for those of us who are 'planners' it can be frustrating because even though it may take a while, it's like someone pisses all over your dreams because it didn't happen as fast as THEY think it should.  Well, bite me!  I'm happy with what we've done, where we've worked to get, and how we've gotten there.  It's our lives and our timelines.  Why oh why does anyone think they have the right to poop on that?  I don't get it.  Why would you want to?  Why not just be happy that we are moving on to the next stage? 

Maybe I'm thinking too harshly.  Maybe I'm not seeing their point of view.  But maybe they could also express it in a way that was a little less insulting.  Do you see a trend here?  I don't think I'm overly sensitive, but maybe I am.  I got upset before over comments on my diet/exercise.  I did get over it after venting a lot bit because I felt it wasn't worth staying angry over.  Although, said friend hasn't really spoken to me since even though I said NOTHING to offend her and have tried to be friendly since and let it go.  But she has made it a point to avoid me and I have no clue why.  But that's ok -- people come and go in your life for a reason.  Back to my point, I worry sometimes that I'm too hasty in getting annoyed.  Mostly because, I try REALLY hard to be tolerant of other folks but yet I feel like when it's me (and I don't think my thinking is all that wild), I don't get the same back.  AARGH.

On to the next subject.  I've been tracking the last couple of days and getting back into the groove of watching my food.  Next I need to get back into the groove of exercising.  For real.  I am thinking that is part of the reason why everything is annoying me to absolute bits this week.  I need the exercise for stress relief.  For some reason, getting yardwork knocked out yesterday didn't give me the relief that I thought I would get.  I typically can work outside for a few hours and feel great.  But not yesterday.  If anything, I felt more frustrated.  Maybe it's me. Maybe it's the move.  I'm not sure.  All I know is that I am going to try to do some sort of planned exercise and get that back into my routine.  I need a routine.  I just do!  Keeps me sane and I'm not feeling sane really tonight.  Although, I'm sorta happy right now -- hubby just messaged and said that he got my laptop up and running!  I still lost the hard drive, but at least the machine itself has been saved.  That saves me nearly $400 on replacement. 

Speaking of money, I'm trying to figure out how we are going to get ahead now that we are trying to tie things up.  Last minute finishing touches always seem to suck you dry.  But that is what we have been working on.  So far, so good.  And some packing and cleaning.  Which I got a lot of done today and have more and more to do for weeks to come.  Well, until we are done.  But thankfully, I have my trusty savings and my trusty AmEx.  LOL  I just hope I don't have to use either if I am careful.  We have most of the things we need, but odds and ends always crop up.  So, you know how that goes.  I would just rather get the things we owe money to paid off sooner rather than later.  We bit a big chunk out so far, but I'd rather be done.  It's at about 5k now.  Yup.  Other than the house total and then our car, we only have 5k in non-revolving debt.  The revolving is even lower at around 3.5k.  But even that we've been working down.  So, a grand total of less than 10k.  But I wish it were ZERO.  Working on it, dear friends.  Working on it!

That brings me to the last thought for the night.  We have been working over how much to list the house for.  Currently, as I mentioned, we are working on heavy duty cleaning and packing to make doing these last few reno's and finishing touches easier.  I really want the house to show well, but the weather is being a PAIN.  Aka, lots of rain.  Which means my beds aren't done, the front door still needs some paint, and the lights/handles aren't getting done.  GRRRR!  I want to finish that so I can focus solely on the inside!  But I am thinking that inside is where I am going to end up putting my focus now since the weather won't break.  Wet Summer, me thinks.  Anyways, I keep going over and over what to list the house for and we know we need to make enough to move on to the next place.  But as of now, even if we got every penny we hoped for, the commission fees would be pretty high.  Up to 10% between sellers/buyers agents and then closing costs.  So, that is something to think on.  I'm hoping we can negotiate with an agent for a lower rate from 3% to 2%.  Or an overall reduced commission to 5%.  Then hoping to offer the 2% closing costs and see how that goes.  I know in the grand scheme that is only 8%, but that can be the difference of a few thousand dollars.  And for us, that means a great deal.  I'd like a good chunk to put down on the next house.  I'm even thinking of asking my parents for part of my inheritance so we can get the house we REALLY want.  But we will see.  I don't want to go crazy.  I just want to go smart.  And we want to walk away with a decent chunk of change.  Know what I mean?

GAH!  It's late and I should be getting to bed!  I'm going to be a zombie tomorrow!  Off I go to get some SLEEP!

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  1. Ug, I know how you feel. One "friend" reminds me that I've been saying I wanted to move back to Sarasota for two and a half years. When I say why I want to move it's like she lists all the reasons why she likes where she is living... Uh, that's fine, but I personally can't get things to work for me here, so I want to move. I feel like some people are negative, because they don't want you to move on. They can't be happy for you that you are making positive changes, and moving forward. Why? Maybe because they themselves are stuck. Who knows? A real friend would wish you luck, get excited, and offer to help you pack. Then they would plan to visit you in your new place.
    I'm really tolerant of other people's feelings and choices, but I don't always receive the same courtesy back. These days I'm not very interested in keeping "friends" around who can't be cool about my choices. Why should we tailor ourselves to suit other people anyway? If we can't disagree peacefully from time to time then obviously the friendship isn't that strong to begin with. It's like you said, some friends drift in and out of your life. You move beyond them, and meet new people.


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