Monday, June 23, 2014

Thinking of

Yo.  What's up friends?  Well... lots and lots here!  LOL  As a result, I am thinking of sharing my blog with my online community a bit more.  Simply because over the next few months, I am not sure of how much I will be sharing on FB, but I plan on continuing to write when I can.  Especially after I save a bit to get a new pute.  This sharing of the laptop is for the birds!  We are trying to make it work, but it can be a major pain.  Which I just didn't think it would be.  :/  But anyways, since I will be blogging here and not posting on FB as much, I'm thinking it would be good to pick up a few readers and friends.  Especially as the move is coming up and well... we all know how lonely life can be after a move.  I don't expect this move to be much different. 

Although, so far, it IS proving to feel a bit different.  And the difference is that this time instead of moving for the job, we're moving for the location and then finding a job there.  The last time we moved, we also had a lot of support and positive comments, this time, not so much.  And last but not least, the last several times we have moved, we moved knowing that we would really miss our lives/friends in the old location and we won't this time.  I will miss being somewhat centrally located to seeing friends/families, but that will be about it.  It's really an exciting time for us!  Even if I am a bit nervous.  LOL 

The only thing I've slacked on has been the diet.  I got back to tracking for just a few days then it was a whirlwind trip up to see family and well... I probably could've tried to track, but I didn't.  I did choose fruit/veg and protein when I could, though.  But there was for sure less sleep than normal (thanks housecleaning and spazzy fire alarm!), not enough water due to being in the car, and then constant eating out.  But I'm tracking today!  Really, over this Summer, I'm not going to worry terribly about it.  I'm going to get back to tracking and exercising, but it will be more about just keeping stress at bay than trying to lose.  I hope that I will continue to lose just because I will be in my routine, so we will see.  As I've said, no hurry.  I want my brain to understand that even though there is a huge temptation to cut cals and workout like mad, in the end that doesn't work.  You just yo yo and that helps no one.  So far, I've done well to only have minor gains like after vacay and then go back down.  No BIG gains and so I want to keep on that trend by getting back to routine and NOT stressing.  Stress is my biggest culprit. 

Well, while I would LOVE to sit and continue to ramble on, this house isn't going to pack itself.  Time to get to work and get things done.  Our original plans were junked up, but we are going to make the best of the time we have left and do what we can.  Which is doing a few projects and doing as much major purging/packing as we can.  I think just clearing things out will help a BUNCH.  So, off I go!

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