Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dairy Hate

Oh dairy... how I love theeeeee!  But thee, my body don't love.  So, thus, for that little bit of cheesecake I had last night, I am PAYING.  I even purposely avoided dairy yesterday for the most of the day until then and thought that little bit would be ok.  Usually, I can have small amounts of dairy and be ok.  But I thought wrong.  1/3 of a small cheesecake and my stomach is doing flops this AM.  It actually started last night.  But it still isn't better this AM.  UGH.  I really thought it would be fine, but this wasn't my typical cheesecake and definitely not my fave.  I prefer more of a dense and almost sour cheesecake.  This one was.... fluffy. Like whipped.  And very sweet.  Which is why I didn't eat much of it!  But it still has torn me up.  And I have so much to do.  Going to try to find some yogurt here in a bit if it will settle enough for me to eat.  For some reason, the yogurt tends to help with the issues.  Some studies are showing that the beneficial bacteria in real yogurt helps to break down the lactose in the gut and relieve symptoms.  Which explains why whenever I happen to eat too much, yogurt has been the only thing I've been able to eat and not feel like garbage.  I may even go back to taking a prebiotic/probiotic daily. 

On another note completely off topic, you know how I weighed in the other day at 181.5?  Well, the next day was 180.5... and then I started my cycle.  So... now I'm not sure what my actual number was.  I don't know how I forgot about my cycle.  I just did.  Getting it was a shock.  And then I got to thinking nope, right on time!  Lovely how vacation throws your whole world off at times.  I don't really think it was vacation, though.  I think it was all of the other stuff.  I just have so so so much stuff on my mind.  Mostly good!  Like... the reason for going out last night and the cheesecake was that hubby passed his final exam!  So... SCHOOL IS DONE!!!!!  I am EXCITED!  It's been a rough few years trying to work on the house, raise kids, take care of animals, maintain a marriage, him do school, and work.  We've made it!!!  Just one step closer to the next step, ya know?  We really are looking forward to whatever is to come next. 

I don't really have much more to talk about to be honest.  Really, what I need to do is get to work and maybe that and some yogurt will get my guts settled.  So, off I go to get to work!

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  1. I hope your stomach settles soon!

    I'm excited to hear that you might be moving? Good luck with that :D MOVE TO TAMPA AND WE CAN HANG OUT :)


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