Sunday, June 29, 2014

Made up

I guess I made up for the day before yesterday.  I got so much done!  But... I've felt pretty darn run down today as a result.  So, I guess that is going to be the way of it for me for the duration.  One super hard working day then a more relaxed day after.  So, what did I do?  More outside work.  A friend posted to me that if she were getting ready to move, she would be packing!  LOL  But the reality is, curb appeal sells.  So, I literally worked on my curb.  HA!  I scraped it.  Weeds were coming up the cracks, so I scraped them and put them (along with some trash) away.  Then I plucked the dead weeds I had sprayed last week from around my mailbox.  I also removed my mailbox to clean, sand, and primer it.  I managed to get the detail parts pained and need to do the main body tomorrow.  I had meant to do it today, but just didn't make it -- mostly due to rain, rain, and more rain.  I also got the numbers removed and painted.  Tomorrow, I hope to touch up the post and finish paint and add the topper.  Busy busy.  But weather will determine a lot!  Last but not least, I added more pine needles and finished the second bed except for ONE tiny spot.  But I wasn't going to open more pine needles for one spot.  I'll do it when I start the final bed.  Which may be tomorrow but we will see.  Again, weather will determine that.  Tuesday, unless something changes, I am going to focus on paint paint and more paint.  Hubby may not agree, but that is what is going to happen if I have my way.  I know he just wants to pay someone to do it all, but I am perfectly capable of doing the sides.  I may agree on the front and back, but not the sides.  Not sure if it will make a difference, but we will see.  Well... as long as the weather cooperates.

Today, well, was a somewhat easy day.  I showed and updated the hubby on what has gotten done and talked about what was to come.  We also went to Costco and Kroger to restock on fresh food.  I know one day this week, I'm going to HAVE to take a day (or two) to get the house in order.  The house is a mess while I'm working on this other crap.  LOL  So, I'm going to have to play some catch up.  And paint my toes.  LOL  But anyways, anything done is a step in the right direction.  Hubby was amazed at how much we had already cleared out of the freezer.  It's easy when you are pretty much out of fresh stuff!  But we are going to continue to work on it.  Slowly but surely. 

As a result of all of this work, I still didn't get in a 'planned' workout!  But my food has been ok.  Well, except for going out for dinner tonight.  I confess to having a margarita.  So. Freakin'. GOOD.  And it was strawberry.  NOM.  Anyways, I feel like other than a formal workout, I'm doing good.  I'm getting a workout working in the yard.  I'm trying to take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.  I'm eating lots of fruit and veg to keep my balance up.  I'm also drinking those Vitamin water things along with regular water.  All in all, getting into a groove, I feel.  Although, I've not done my cals for today, I still don't think I did horrid.  You see, I missed lunch.  And we only had fajitas this time as I wasn't in the mood for anything else.  I ate mostly the steak, chorizo, and salad with some rice.  The beans were good, I just wasn't feeling it. 

Yes, I am feeling pretty good.  The house, in general, is coming together.  While we probably won't get to do ALL of the projects we had originally planned, I still feel pretty good.  I do feel a bit sad that some of our plans won't come to fruition like our patio and fire pit or the garage, I realize that we can only do so much.  And I am ready and excited to get going on getting this house listed and on the market.  Although, I am worried about it sitting for a while because the market here doesn't move like the area we were in before.  But all we can do is have faith and be patient.  Just got to keep at it.

Well, my head is hurting so I think it is time for me to get off of here.  More on my actual thoughts tomorrow if I have time....

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