Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breaking it down

Today when we got up, we just weren't sure what to do with it.  Last night had been the night of overwhelmed feelings.  I felt like I was drowning, if you would like to know the honest to goodness truth!  Every room still needs a little bit of this or a little bit of that and well... when I started thinking about it I started to panic a smidge.  Not to mention, I was panicking about the thought of TWO moves instead of one.  I'll get to that in a minute. 

Anyways, I got to thinking of all we needed to get done here or there and well... my brain just overloaded and I felt for sure like I was going to have a meltdown.  Then hubby and I talked and that somehow made it worse.  Mostly because he was grumpy and tired and was just ready to go to bed and I needed to talk because I felt stressed.  NOT a good combo.  I finally told him I needed him to reassure me that it would be done in time and God had a plan and that everything was ok because I was really feeling overwhelmed.  And he did.  Sometimes he's a butt, but more often he's a good friend and really listens.  He told me that the projects will get done if we just focus on the big things and get those done.  He said that the move will be fine; kiddos are young so even if they have to go through a several changes, they adapt because look at him.  He's right.  I'm worrying over nothing and something I have NO control over.  I knew these things, but it helped me hearing it from him and I calmed down somewhat.  So, we decided not to worry about for the night, not to make any plans, and just go to bed. 

Today, we got up and went over two or three things.  Mostly some light bickering.  LOL  It comes down to the fact that here lately, he says we should focus on the big things, the important things, and leave the other things.  The issue for me, is that when he says it it feels like he's saying the things that are important to me aren't important at all.  :/  I told him so.  He felt bad.  LOL  I didn't mean for that to happen, but... I was kinda glad.  I explained that while he thinks XYZ is important, and I know it is, the issue is that if he's working on it, it's a one man job and I might as well be doing something else other than sitting on my butt!  He got it, then.  But in the end, we've both gotten a LOT done today.  While he worked downstairs on the important plumbing (HEE HEE), I got to work stripping down the kitchen.  I cleaned out all of the upper cabinets and the counter tops.  Then we pulled down all of the cabinets and took them outside.  While he went to work on more plumbing and backer board, I broke down the cabinets removing hardware, doors, cleaning, and then finally sanding and repairing.  After a final wipe down, I made a mental list of what else was to be done to them and brought them back in.  Not sure when I will get to it, but they are ready for a few touch-ups and hand sanding, then primer and paint.  And as I type, hubby is putting up the last piece of backer board in the kitchen.  I still need to do ALL of the bottom cabinets, but it's progress.  And let me tell you, that random orbital sander was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

That first pic is what you use to see as soon as you came to the top of the stairs.  Yes, that is a GREEN counter with a pale blue ugly tile backsplash.  This is what the house looked like when we first bought it. 

These 3 pics are after the first phase of remodel.  You can't see it, but we removed two walls where the island is.  The soffit was also removed.  Or 'bulkheads'.  Not to mention that UGLY ceiling fan.  We took out the horrid green counters AND backsplash.  We took out the 'built in' stove and oven.  The cabinetry that held that, became the island.  We moved the cabinets that were to the right, left and installed an all-in-one range and oven.  This allowed us to put in the over the stove cabinet and micro AND the two LARGE pantries that we placed side by side.  We now have an open floor plan!  That was the end of phase 1. 

Phase 2 was when we did detail stuff.  First, I furniture finished 2 lengths of rubberwood butcher tops for the 'L' part of the kitchen.  The island was wrapped in bead board and has a glass top.  We installed a single light over the sink, work lights under the cabinets, and an island light plus an outlet.  We also installed a garbage disposal, water filtration system, a new faucet, and toe kicks.  Basically, all the working stuff and some of the stuff before finishing.

Phase 3 is where we are now.  The new backer board is in, the cabinets are in the process of being refinished, and then we will put it all back in and have finishing details like the glass back splash, glass floating shelves, and hardware.  I've gone back and forth on that.  Right now, most of the accents in the house are black.  But the shelf brackets are a flat chrome.  I love the open and airy feeling of the glass, but that metal is bugging me.  Thinking of painting them black to match everything else!  But in my bathroom, I have a mix of the two and it works.  Maybe it will in the kitchen... I guess we will see.  If it bugs me, I'll have to fix it. 

As you can see, we've broken this down into do-able sections.  Which is why I'm not sure why I've been so panicky... I should've known.  It's what we usually do!  Break it into manageable sections.  DUH. 

Anyways, that's what I've been up to.  I haven't worked out because I've been OH SO SORE  And then today I've worked lifting and sanding.  I've tracked most of my food, too!  I need to get yesterday's and today's entered.  All in all, just going right along.  Did I mention I have my cycle?  I do.  And man oh man... And yes, I'm working like a dog with it.  It's heavy, but not as painful as normal.  Enough of that.  And enough of this long blog!  Off I go to get these kiddos in bed and attempt to relax.  :)

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  1. Hang in there, lady. Before you know it you'll be moved, and settled, and you'll wonder why you did so much worrying. (Hey, that sentence applies to me too!)


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