Monday, July 21, 2014


Oh, this weekend was sweetness!  You see, my fave SIL got married.  :D  Hubby and kiddos were in the wedding, but I wasn't.  Mostly due to my own whining.  LOL  She knew I was burned out on doing weddings.  Which is my own fault.  I love them, I do.  But I HATE the work and the money.  I've been in so many at this point, that it was time to retire.  So, I said to everyone that I was done with them.  So you see, my very own fault!  LOL  But it's ok -- I got to just watch and mostly enjoy.  I did get annoyed that the woman coordinating wasn't thinking to do simple things like have everyone potty before they went down the isle, but it was fine.  I reminded them, I fed the kiddos before the 'big time' and every thing went pretty smooth other than the sound system messed up.  Even though it had worked fine during rehearsal.  But meh, who cares?  She was beautiful, he was handsome, they were all glowy and they are officially married!  I told the kiddos they can 'officially' call him Uncle now.  LOL  They already had.

Anyways, it was a good weekend with no family drama that I am aware of.  I know there were a few questions and comments, but they were within certain groups and didn't cross any lines or anything so it was good.  I like weekends like this!  I did make one comment that I hope didn't come across wrong... I was trying to say one thing but I think I may have phrased it wrong.  I tried to explain, but I think that may have made it worse, ya know?  I feel like I get what I'm trying to say across darn well most of the time, but then other times I royally fuck it up.  Sorry for the language, but it's the truth and no other word could accurately describe it.  HA!

On the house front, there hasn't been any change since we weren't home to do anything.  But today was a mixed day of errands and then yard work.  So, no project progress unless you count more yard clean up (random junk thrown away), and then progress on the fire and trash pits.  I'm happy about that!  I feel like it's the eyesore of the yard, and once we get that done, it will be a huge improvement.  Hubby worked on a little project, too, along with yard work.  It was the area around the HVAC unit and the carport.  We've been at a loss as to what to do there, and this seems like the beginning of a good solution.  I guess we will see.

Now, on to food and diet!  Obviously being out of town I couldn't track my food as well as I would like, but I realized when I went to put on a pair of my capri pants that they felt a bit snug even though I haven't been going crazy.  And it got me to thinking that it had been a while since I had checked my reports and all that.  I did get in ONE workout last week, but I need to get more, so that is an area for improvement.  Another is that I have been going overboard on the ol' carbs.  My macro's are set to 160g, but from checking out my 'reports', I see I've been WELL over 200 every single day.  Not good.  That isn't moderation!  That's overkill!  No, I'm not really a carb watcher, but I have been crankier lately, hungry, and bloaty.  I use to watch carbs, as many of you know, to control my hypoglycemia and PCOS.  But after losing some weight, it hadn't really been an issue.  But that many carbs just aren't a good balance and it isn't helping me with any of my previous issues, I'm sure.  So, I decided that I'm going to watch them more closely.  I'm not going to get crazy or go all low carb.  I don't feel that is what I need anymore.  But I am going to cut back on them.  I've gotten into the lazy habit of letting them be my 'filler'.  Oh, I need a snack?  How about a tortilla.  Oh, I have 100 cals left?  How about some chips.  Oh, that soup needs something... how about some toast?  Yup.  An empty filler.  A yummy one, but not always the best choice.  Just the 'easy' choice.  So, I've decided to keep an eye on those and get back to the picking of the main course and veg/fruit before I do any 'filler'.  And get back to choosing veg/fruit for snacks.  Or yogurt.  And cut back the other.  Need to get my balance back.  Moderation is only good if you moderate your self!  HA!  Funny but true.

I didn't really get a good weigh-in this AM, so I will try to do that first thing tomorrow.  I want to see where I am.  My last 'official' weight was 179 right after vacay... 6/27.  Dang.  I didn't realize it had been that long, until I checked my page.  Anyways, it's been off and on since vacay.  I keep starting on getting into a good groove then things come up.  At least I'm in my 'range' and not gaining a ton.  But I'm suppose to be going the other way!  Gotta work on that.  This was suppose to be the Summer of moving into a new range.... the 160's.  *sigh*  Not going to happen if I don't get myself into my routine.  I will get there.  Just have to keep moving that direction.

I guess that is about it!  I know what I need to do and that is get my food back in line, get some exercise, and keep busy.   I'll update when I have something to update!  LOL

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