Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good good

Yesterday was a pretty darn good day.  I got a lot of cleaning done and some organizing.  I also got in a GOOD workout of warm-up, strength, then some cardio.  Food was even good.  Yes, I'm feeling more like my old self.  :)  I am pleased!

Another thing we got done yesterday was some work outside.  Mostly... we had fun!  We decided to go ahead and have a small bonfire and do the rest of the fireworks.  Which really, was darn awesome because that brush pile needed to go and well... that pile of fireworks was sitting on my dining room table!  So, we had fun AND got two things out of the way.  WIN.

Now what is today?  I would work out again, but since I did both yesterday and I am a smidge sore today, I think I am going to focus on loading and hauling.  It was on my list for yesterday, but I just didn't have time.  I think I can do it today if I get started here in a bit.  I may not be able to take off donations, but I sure can take things to the storage unit and recycling.  :)

I guess this is all for now.  Off I go to get started!


  1. Ooh, I love it that you were doing chores AND blowing up stuff at the same time. WIN WIN!

  2. Yay for having your mojo back. I am e-mailing you right after this with a list and tips ... stay tuned hehe


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