Saturday, July 26, 2014

Worth it!

Ahhh!  The chairs were worth it!  And very soon, the other chairs go to their new homes!  SO PLEASED!  These chairs are decent quality.  One is a Lazy Boy!  So, I'm a happy lady.  They ARE bigger than I expected, but strangely, that has worked out, too.  The living room looks so much larger for some reason.  I'm not even really sure why!  The kiddos weren't happy at first, but once they lounged in them, they were pretty pleased to have some easy places to sit and relax.  So now we have good places to sit with and without company and the colors go with what is here, so it should be good for staging.  PLUS, I only spent $100 on two!  The nice guy who sold them to us said his house sold quickly and he wasn't willing to move all of his stuff again because he had only recently moved back.  You see, the house had been on the market for two years with no hits.  He moved back and BAM!  Five people came at once to see it and it sold.  I can't say I blame him -- I would be downsizing too!  Happy lady here!  HAPPY!  :D

Other than that, and a quick workout, not much was accomplished on this end.  Well, the cleaning required to put the new pieces in the living room.  lol  But other than that... it has been a quiet day.  Not sure what that will mean for the coming days.  I know we have a lot to do, but I don't want to stress.  I would really like to enjoy what we have left of Summer.  Unreal to me that it is almost over and that at my OLD school, they are already back in session because they are year round.  Not sure how I really feel on that, truth be told.  Kids are only kids for so long...  seems like these days, they are pushing kids so hard that school is like a job.  I honestly feel like that constant pushing is why scores have dropped instead of improving.  They need more play, downtime, and sunshine and less forcing of doing 500 extracurricular activities and hours of homework.  There has got to be something better.  I just don't know what it is. 

Yeah... rambly post tonight... I guess I am at a loss as to what to REALLY write about since it was a boring day and nothing important happened.  So, this is all!  Good night, friends!

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  1. wow Jewlz, you hit the spot here. I completely agree. Eventhough I'm no longer in grades school, I do feel you are really correct. Kids are just force to do more and more stuff. They really do need more fun time and sunshine. And haha.. i really like this chill post that you wrote today. Kinda deep in some way & true in some way :)


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