Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This is gonna hurt...

PHEW!  I am TIRED.  T.I.R.E.D.  TIRED.  Yup.  But it's been a good day, even if it wasn't what we planned.  We had planned on working on the kitchen today and knocking out a big chunk, but nothing was going right.  It just didn't work out.  I mean, I did get a few things done like the stuff moved, the hinges and old stops taken off, drawers pulled out and all the frames cleaned.  Sanding, however, just went horribly wrong.  It's awful and uneven and I don't even KNOW what went wrong, but it's wrong.  Very wrong.

So, I put that down and decided to do other things.  I ended up cleaning out a section of the garage and swept the one side that was getting really yucky.  I went through the wood pieces and organized those a bit.  I cleaned out the cat garage and the litter boxes in it.  I took down and sorted all the laundry and washed 3 or 4 loads.  I got the island cleaned off.  I put away the mound of clothing that had gathered at the foot of my bed over the last couple of weeks on my bench plus the shoes.  Then I wandered outside and cleaned the dog run.  I was feeling so much better being outside that I decided to pick up all of the flagstones and move them to the fire pit area.  I got that done and we decided to clean up along the carport.  I threw away a few things, gave some garden edging away to a neighbor that we were NEVER going to use.  Moved the drain line up to it's soon to be new home.  Then we moved all of the step down area's flag stones, put down fresh weed barrier, and started putting the stones back.  I also was able to remove one spot of old concrete that has been bugging me for forever and a day.  Although, there is another spot or two left to remove.  We didn't finish everything, but at least it is started.  All-in-all, it was a really good day!  I mean, we got a LOT done.  It may not have been what we expected or wanted, but they are the things that needed to be done and now they are. But the truth is, tomorrow I am going to HURT from all of this!  LOL

I'm just glad we made the best of the day even when things weren't going right.  No idea what tomorrow is going to be and hubby starts back on shift.  Fun stuff.  Still no word from our painter and still no word on any jobs even though we've managed to find a head hunter down there and have received tons of calls.  I WILL BE PATIENT.  I just keep repeating that to myself.  Because I need to be.

OH!  On the note of moving, we managed to get a full trailer load taken to the storage unit on Monday.  All of the odds and ends pieces went that were either sitting in an office, up against the wall, or were just extra pieces.  Monday, here, was the 'hottest' day of the Summer, but we were fine.  I guess if we hadn't had things in place and it had taken longer, it would have been worse.  But it wasn't bad at all.  We hauled all of that and got back quickly.  Straightened up the carport a bit and the garage (which is what I finished up today), and then went for froyo.  We got home and the weather looked... ominous.  So, the Flex went in the garage for safe keeping.  Thankfully, the worst of the weather missed us, but we were prepared anyways.  It did end up being a long night since all the thunder kept the kiddos up.  I am just grateful that we are all safe and sound.  Maybe that's why other things didn't go well today?  I needed to finish what I had started yesterday!  LOL  And I did.  :)

OH OH!  I also found a new page on FB to list some furniture, so I am hoping that I get a few more things sold and get the REST of my garage cleaned out!

Man, I really HAVE been super busy!  I guess it's time for me to relax now and then get to bed at a decent hour (ha!).  Hope everyone out there is doing great!

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