Friday, August 15, 2014

Hate it

I hate it when days start off like this and this is day TWO of shitty beginnings.  Granted, in the long run, yesterday turned out productive and I got some much needed soak time in the tub.  But today I am just pissed off.  Yesterday, it started off rough, but I wasn't pissy.  The husband was.  Today, I'm pissy because he got up and left without telling me.  I found a random piece of paper that said, "I love you" on it, but that was it.  I messaged and messaged to no avail so not only was I angry, but then worried.  He finally texted OVER AN HOUR LATER and I'm right back to angry.  He said he was golfing and thought I knew.  Uh... NO.  If  you don't tell me, I don't know.  The last he had mentioned it he had said he wasn't going to go.  Then when I got up this morning when he was up with the kiddo for school, he never mentioned it and wasn't dressed for it.  I just stumbled back to bed.  If the rolls were reversed, he'd be MAD. 

Other than being super annoyed, I don't have much else to talk about.  I haven't been exercising, but I've been working on the house and my cals have continued to be good even with our one meal out.  Yup.  ONLY ONE!  Getting back in the habit of not eating out so much.  At least I am.  Anyways, we had Japanese and I got hibachi scallops.  Super easy to eat well with that.  I ate the scallops, almost 3 cups of veggies, very little of the rice, and a bowl of miso soup.  My drink was hot tea.  Crap.  Just remembered I forgot to go back and add the honey.  I didn't use much as I don't need green tea very sweet at all.  I'll do that in a minute!  Anyways, the scale hasn't moved, but I'm not sure when to expect a move.  My cycle still hasn't started and I'm feeling stressed so who knows.  Last week was pretty high with travel and all that so I'm just sitting still.  But since I'm not finding the 1200 to 1400 cals so hard, I may stay here for a bit.  On really active/busy days I will probably eat closer to the 1600 or even go over.  Yesterday was 1600 because I did so much work and was so hungry.  Maybe even a bit over because wings are hard to calculate. 

All in all, things are just the same right now.  And this work isn't going to do itself.  So, I guess I am going to get off of here and either do some work or read a book.  Whatever suits my fancy.  I really should work but I can't haul these cabinets down by myself.  I got the pantry cleaned out and we carried it down and I cleaned, sanded, wiped, and primed it yesterday.  Along with almost all of the other bottom cabinets.  I have the sink base face to do and the other huge pantry and then we are ready to get down to real business.  But I can't do it alone.  So, I'm going to sit here and grumble and decide what to do now. 

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