Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Progress not Perfection

I'm having one of those days.  The kind of day where you are thinking about everything and realize that some things are beyond your control, but other things are exactly in your control and you really should do something about it.  That's how I feel right now.  I guess that has been my feeling a lot here lately.  Normally I'm all a 'progress not perfection' type of gal but once in a while, I have a low.  And I start thinking, why aren't I more?  Why haven't I done more?  I SHOULD do more.  But I'm not having that right now.  Right now, I'm in the mindset of progress.  I feel like every step is progress.  I've had a couple of 'bad' days which were really more like bad mood days.  Which were really more of overwhelmed days.  I know that is the result of over-doing and over-thinking.  So, I've been trying harder to remind myself that doing a little each day, making progress when I can, is better than nothing.  I've also been trying to work harder on keeping the day to day manageable.  Like right now, the front of the house is wrecked, but it's because we've been working on the kitchen.  BUT, the bathroom is usable and straight and laundry is done.  Bedrooms are picked up and good.  Best of all, my cabinet frames are well on their way to being done!  I need to take today to get a few things back in order, but at least the majority of the cabinet frames are going in.  The only ones not ready are going to be the pantry ones.  We just flat out ran out of time.  :(  We MAY be able to get one back in today if I can force myself off the couch.  I'm just so tired and sore today.  After days of heavy lifting, detail and exhaustive labor, I'm a bit worn and need a break.  But if we can at least get the other cabinets in (and I can get them wiped down), then we can clear off the island and other areas.  I may be able to get at least one pantry in.  I don't really want to paint it in place.  I just know a kid or animal will rub against it.  UGH.  So... maybe that won't get done today. 

Back on point, one of our bigger projects is underway and things are getting done slowly but surely.  We knew it wouldn't be a quick project to do the kitchen.  We've had ups and downs, but it's on it's way.  Another thing off the list is the hubby replaced one of the lights downstairs from a fluorescent (that burned out ALL THE TIME even with the 7+yr. bulbs at $10 a piece!) to an LED recessed one.  One more to go!  I already love the way they look and work better.  I just couldn't afford to keep replacing bulbs all the time at $10 a pop.  A whole new fixture plus the LED bulb was around $30.  I hated to do that, but we've already wasted $50 at this point or more.  No thank you!  Won't do THAT again.  OH!  And the painter's are here finishing the outside.  We could've done it, but I am just out of time and patience for some things.  Just not worth it right now.  If we didn't get it done now, not sure when it would get done.  And I'm ready for it to be done.  It's the one area I feel like we constantly slack because it needs non-stop mowing, weeding, cleaning... Working in painting it around the hubb's schedule and the weather just wasn't working.  So, I'm glad we have chosen to just hire it out.  I may end up hiring out a few other painting jobs if we don't get them done.  Well, depending on how this one comes out.  Hopefully good!

On another note, and what I talk about a lot on here since it originally started out as a way to talk about weight loss, my weight is doing well.  Monday, I saw 176 and thought it was a fluke so I didn't take it.  I weighed again today just to see and saw 175.5.  So... I'm pretty pleased with that.  My cals have been a bit over 1600 the last few days with all of the extra work.  I kept my meals around my usual 400, but had extra snacks if my body told me it needed them.  With that many calories being burned working non-stop, I felt like I would do myself no good to try to stay under.  I'm glad I listened!  I'm trying not to focus too much on the number on the scale and just doing what I need to do and watching my food.  I hope the rest falls in place.  But I do admit that with only about 4 weeks left until Fall, I am somewhat hopeful that I will meet my goal of being in the 160's this Summer.  Silly, I know, but still.  I'd really like to do it.  I'm going to give it a good go!  What do I have to lose but some more weight?  6lbs. to be exact.  LOL  10lbs. isn't reasonable, but I think 6 over the next few weeks is.  We will see!

Well, going to get off of here.  For some reason, I feel like lately I have a hard time writing.  But I don't want to give it up.  I want to keep going and hope the funk passes.  Hopefully I'm not boring you guys too terribly much!  Off I go!

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