Thursday, August 21, 2014

Still Tired

I'm still feeling pretty tired today, so I am blogging while I try to gather my wits about me to decide what to do with my day.  I want to clean, but it's hard to clean with every single thing you own in your kitchen sitting out and around.  UGH.  Yes, the kitchen is STILL dismantled.  I just couldn't gather the energy yesterday to get anything done in there.  I was just SO TIRED.  And then I was all bummed because the house painter's finished only for it to pour the rain and ruin my porch.  I am NOT a happy lady.  AT ALL.  I told them rain was coming and they knew and still tried to bust it out.  I said a couple of hours before it came that it was coming and would probably ruin the paint.  They said as long as it skimmed, it would be fine (the paint says right on the can not to paint on a day expecting rain).  Well, it looked to have skimmed but it didn't.  Now the porch that I spent 3 days cleaning, stripping, sanding, and painting is RUINED.  I'm trying not to be too upset and cry, but I sorta want to.  That Deck Over stuff isn't the easiest to work with.  It's super thick and takes forever to set up properly.  Then I go out to the deck last night only to realize they have spilled paint on it in big blobs (the size of a man's hand) and when they rolled the soffit, it sprinkled my new black iron chairs on the deck, too.  The rest of the drops and whatnot are fine -- they are in the driveway or in the grass.  But I am super pissed off about my deck!  We are going to call them today here in a bit once hubby looks it over and see what he says.  Suppose to be nice weather the next couple of days and someone is going to fix this -- even if it is me.  I can't deal with the porch being messed up.  Honestly, even though I am glad they got it all done in a day, I am second guessing myself and wishing I had just finished it myself.  Their 'pro' job doesn't look that much better than what I could do.  The only difference is they are fast.  I think if I had it to do over, I would've spent more money on good paint and just done it myself.  I really think that was the difference -- cheap paint = less coverage meaning more time and work.  I think that is why the cabinets are coming out better than I had hoped -- good paint.  Lesson learned.  But the truth is, I bought that paint a few years back when I thought it was made by Sherwin Williams.  Now we buy Behr or Benjamin Moore.  Color Place is just too thin and watery.  For walls, I would say it's fine to use the cheaper.  But for exterior paint and probably for trim, you want to get the good stuff.  Heavier pigment, apparently.  I am seriously thinking of getting rid of all the stuff we have and buying new for what is left of the trim.  Just so it hopefully goes faster.

The point is, my list of 'To Do' is overwhelming me today.  Plus, it's gorgeous out after all the yuck and rain and I just want to be out.  Plus my youngest wants to find a school.  Yup.  Bored.  LOL  So, I am thinking on that.  I know that a couple of the ones we had looked at before are full and I don't even think we could fit them in the budget anyways.  *sigh*  I'm not sure what to do there.  All around, I don't know what to do.  I know I just need to focus on one thing and do it.  But which one thing?  UGH.

On a good note, I weighed in again today and I think after getting the same results 3 times I can say that the 176 is legit!  I have updated my MFP page.  The real struggle is going to be getting lower than that.  176 seems to be where I always get then stall out.  I hang out here for a bit, get frustrated and then gain.  I have to try to push through that and not get stuck here again.  Know what I mean?  173 is the lowest I've ever gotten and to be honest, I don't remember how I got there or even the circumstances of which I gained back.  I would assume I got there right before a vacay or something.  I always seem to hit a new low right before a big trip and then I gain over the trip and somehow end back up in the high 170's.  I really want to get to the low 170's and then the high 160's.  But I have to remind myself that this is just part of it.  I just need to get on with it and not get so comfy.  lol  Besides... I want a reason to go shopping!  HA!

On that note, I think I am going to get off of here and figure out what I am doing.  I think I may go check the yard and see if I can mow.  I really need to try to get that done as we are VERY behind on yard work this week.  As in, it hasn't been done in a couple of weeks!  I'd really like to at least get the back done so the kids can play without issue over the coming weekend.  And then go from there.  I just need to decide on one thing and get it done, I guess.  Sitting here won't get anything done.  Although, sitting is sometimes really nice.  Ha!

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