Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I'm not feeling so hot today.  I actually feel downright terrible.  My tummy is all weird and off, my body aches, and my head feels woozy.  All in all, I feel like garbage.  And it sucks.  Because today is the last day the hubby is off for a stretch and we REALLY needed to get the tile done downstairs in the bathroom.  But as of right now, I just don't think I can do it.  I've been trying to power along, but the more I do, the worse I am feeling.  So, I have sat down to drink some water and whine on here.  I hope that once my meds kick in, I will feel better.  I'm even thinking of taking a little nap after I eat a little snack and see if that helps any. 

I have gotten a little bit done.  The cat garage is all nice and clean.  I purged out the linens in the hallway closet to either be donated, kept, or packed.  I cleaned out one box from under the stairs that was left and started purging the other (it's linens, too!).  I got rid of an entire pile of curtains.  In all honesty, they are not mine.  They came with the house!  They are an off white, see-through, and have to be ironed to look decent.  Really, they are fine curtains but we've not used them the entire time we've been here and I just don't see that trend changing.  So, I'm only keeping the curtains I love or think I could really use.  Like, I have some lovely teal ones, some shimmery copper, and some pure white with a branch-like texture.  I like them all and think I could use them here or in the next place, so I will hold on to them for now.  But that huge pile of off-white ones had to go.  I don't like to iron.  I don't see me using them.  And if I ever needed some of that color/type, I'd probably buy new ones that had a different material that I wouldn't have to mess with so much.  I had tried to use these previously in an office and the wrinkles were just a major thing.  Plus, they looked more dirty than off-white.  I think letting them go is the best option.  So far, I'm not finding much else to let go of in that dept.  I purged most of the blankets and linens a while back.  I got rid of a few throws that just NEVER looked clean.  I could wash them and they looked dirty after 30mins.  The material was just a magnet for fuzz and fur.  I bought some at Costco that not only look great, but the kids love them, too!  And they are wash and use.  So, linens, thankfully, are already pretty cut down.  A few more cuts and I should be down to one bin.  My big issue now is where to store them.  I probably should go ahead and move them into storage, but I sorta want to keep them all together so I am thinking about changing them to a clear bin and storing them in my closet for now.  My closet is pretty empty.  Although, if we don't move in the next month or two, I'll have to bring some of it back.  YUCK.  And then there is the question of the regular bed linens.  I had them in flexible containers under the bed, but I'm not sure I'm happy with them.  They seem to stay clean and fresh, but it's somewhat of a pain.  Hmmm....

I am starting to get a bit frustrated with the lack of progress on the moving front.  It's mid-September now so it's been almost exactly 3mos.  It feels like so much longer.  We knew this wasn't going to be an overnight thing, but we also had hoped that with the lack of Engineers, and his abundance of experience, it would be much easier than the last move. But so far, that has not proven to be true.  I am a bit relieved that it's only been 1/4 of the year and not the original 1/3 I thought it was because I was thinking it had been closer to 4mos. since we started trying to get going on the move.  I know I was gung-ho about packing, purging, etc. from an early point so maybe that was partially it.  But now that we are making a very small dent, I feel good about the fact that we've been moving right along.  And even if some things have to come back from storage, progress is progress, yes?  Yes.  Slowly but surely.

Well, I'm feeling a smidge better after a sit, some water, and a snack.  I think I will attempt to go check on the hubby and do a few other things.  Until later!

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  1. I hope you feel better by now. Being sick sucks! I suddenly had a headache this Saturday and then I felt nauseous..it was so annoying to say the least :(


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