Thursday, September 25, 2014

Off Track

ANOTHER blog?  Why yes, yes I think I'm on a mini roll!  I think I've been thinking too much lately and not talking enough.  So, I've been talking more.  And apparently blogging more!  I've talked to my Mom, my friend Kim, a cousin and an Aunt.  Nothing major -- just checking in and seeing how everyone was.  But my Mom and I had an interesting conversation and well, it got me to thinking more!  And I want to get this out of my head.  Because the last couple of days (including today!) have been productive.  I now have a sparkly clean kitchen (making it a point to do that daily), I got a chunk of laundry sorted, washed, and a bunch folded and put away!  I also was able to purge and reorganize BOTH kiddo's closets.  I have one big bag of donations, I put away some things for later use.  And things are MUCH easier to get to now.  Did I mention I cleaned up in the bathroom, too?  I even ate a decent dinner the last few nights, too!  Yes!  I am being productive.  Busy.  I'm quite proud of staying so busy.  I even sat outside for a bit and watched the kiddos play the last couple of days to get my fresh air in.  I probably should've played with them... But they were having so much fun together it was joyful to watch.  I was on the phone telling my Mom how funny it was and what they were doing.  She gets tickled listening to them in the background.

Anyways, so I have a few things on my mind.  Nothing major, nothing dramatic.  After all, that's why I have reduced my time and energy on a lot of FB stuff and others.  I'm spending more time blogging, reading other blogs, and following organizing and budget groups.  I really do feel much more relaxed!  I have been on a bit more than normal since hubby is working, but it's much less than before.  Amazing what big feelings little changes can improve.  It really feels like letting some of that go is helping to improve my productivity.  It's really strange!

On that good note, I decided on a lark to weigh this morning.  I assumed I would see the same number as before.  But I saw.... 172.5!  Solid!  I tried it two times.  :D  I'm pretty happy with that.  And I think the difference is the stress in my life has been reducing slowly but surely.  I think the stress relief is not only from cutting out the drama, but because due to the lowering of the stress, I'm being more productive.  I got more done in 5hrs. today than I could even believe.  The house is in really great shape right now and I'm pleased!  I really hope that since I was able to get that much done on the cleaning front, I will be able to get quite a bit on the project front done soon.  I know that would help my hubby's stress level, too.  But I just didn't know what to say about that 172.5.  It really blew me away so much that I haven't really mentioned it anywhere but on here.  I guess it kinda feels like if I say it out loud, it won't be real.  I've not even been tracking calories on MFP.  Because... MFP was sorta giving me stress.  I'm not sure why, but it was.  So, I've just gone back to my 400 or under for meals and 200 or under for snacks.  It's unreal to me that in just another 3 pounds, I will be under 170.  Just THREE.  3.5 to be solid.  It's unreal to me just because once I let go and stopped stressing, it's happening again.  In many ways, it makes sense because I've said before I don't do well with weight goals.  I don't handle stress well.  So, I'm being rewarded for getting back to KISS.... Keep It Simple Stupid.  LOL

I've gotten way off track here and don't even remember what I originally wanted to blog about!  Oh well... if I remember it, I'll just do another blog.  Sorry for all the rambling.  ;


  1. That's amazing! I've been in the same frame of mind lately that if the stress would just go away things would just be so much more manageable. Ever since I got back from my trip I've been letting things just slide off my back and I can't even tell you how much better I feel and how much easier sticking to a clean eating program has been. I'm really excited to see you get to the 160's!!! I think you should treat us bloggy buddies to a progress pic then, I can't wait to see your changes! :)

  2. Nice job. MFP ended up causing me stress too, so we had to break up. I actually downloaded the app for my phone the other day, because I wanted to check the calories of something. I caught myself, shook my head, and then erased the app immediately. HA! Not worth the elevation to my blood pressure. I can't just look once... I gotta go back for more.
    Calorie counting just doesn't work for me. I'll drop a couple of pounds, and then that's that. After months of exercise, sticking to calories, and seeing no change (thank you PCOS) I felt more and more like garbage about myself. It was the old "I'm trying so hard, and for what?" thing. Very discouraging!
    Being pregnant has truly helped me form a new outlook on nutrition, and has strangely made it much easier to stick to simpler eating. I'm physically incapable of over eating, and many foods that were giving me trouble before I'm not that interested in now, because they make me feel like garbage. I see now that with me it isn't the calories that is the trouble- I just have to strictly limit a lot of foods. (mainly breads, pastas, grains, and that sort of thing) Over the last six and a half months it has become such a habit and a necessity that I can't see ever going back to eating the way that I did before. During the day I eat raw nuts, smoothies, or just raw fruit and veggies. (Sometimes I do boiled eggs or some cheese too) It's simple, but I feel so much better. I haven't gained a single pound so far during this pregnancy, and I feel like if I weren't pregnant I would have lost a significant amount of weight by now.
    I like that I'm not obsessing over what I'm eating, thinking about how many calories I have had so far, and how many that I have left. I like that I step onto a scale ONCE a week, and don't feel emotionally attached to the number that pops up. I like that I can eat reasonable portions at a restaurant, and not fixate on whether or not the meal I had is "bad." It's small victories that makes us feel like we're really getting somewhere!
    I'm totally rambling right now, cause I can't sleep...
    Glad you saw a loss, and are feeling good about it! Keep going, girl!

    1. I think eventually I'll go back to MFP or use it to check things. But I felt like I was just getting frustrated and needed a break from it. And really, I feel like I'm doing ok even if not great. That number very well could have been a false low. All I can do is keep going, keep learning, and keep moving forward. I refuse to sit in the same spot and just feel BAD. Gotta keep truckin' along! Progress, not perfection. :)


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