Saturday, September 20, 2014

The last couple of days

Over the course of the last couple of days, I haven't blogged because I haven't done much and I've felt like crud.  I started a blog (and yes, posted it) but it was very short and unfinished.  But meh.  It's there.  What's my issue?  THE CYCLE FROM HELL.  While it hasn't been long, it has been heavy and the cramps have made me downright miserable.  I literally spent one afternoon with a heating pad in bed crying in pain.  I've not had one this severe in forever.  I ended up taking 4 Ibuprofen to get relief.  After that, I made SURE to take something on time because I didn't want to be in so much pain again.  I honestly thought I was going to have to take a trip to the emergency room.  :(  The next day, yesterday, I decided that if I got up and felt remotely ok, I would go to Costco.  We were out of well... everything.  Plus, litter is on sale right now and we are trying to stock pile.  That shizz is expensive!  And with four cats, we burn through litter pretty fast.  And because cats are cats, they are picky on the litter they will willingly use.  Anyways, I got up and went but had 3 dizzy spells.  Once on my stairs and fell.  My husband said that was it -- no more and to go sit.  I didn't.  I know it's from my cycle.  It happens every month but not usually this severe.  This was the worst by far.  :(  So, the last couple of days haven't been very productive.  I've literally done one load of laundry which was the dog blanket.  I wiped down the counter.  And I emptied one work box.  That is IT.  UGH.

I'm starting to think that right before my cycle and during that I should load up on iron.  I haven't been taking my multi so maybe I should focus on that again.  I don't know.  It's just weird.  I'm not sure that I will count calories then, either.  I've been counting the last couple of days, but haven't been able to get back under 1600.  I think now that I have some groceries I should be good.  Without fruit and veg, I seem to have a hard time keeping under and keeping full.  So, I'm glad I went to the store yesterday.  We'll see how today goes. 

I'm not really too focused on the scale right now, I must admit.  I'm more worried about finishing the kitchen and getting my house cleaned up.  It's a mess right now.  And frankly, I'm worried about our move.  I think the hubby is in low spirits and I'm not sure how to perk him back up.  He keeps talking about going down to FL for a few days and I'm wondering if that is a good idea.  I think maybe he needs a break from here.  But then I worry that coming back will be even worse.  I think all of us are ok except for him.  He seems so down.  I keep trying to reassure him, but it still seems to be taking it's toll.  Men really are wrapped up in what they do as a part of who they are.  I realize some women are, too.  But it always seems so much more apparent in men.  Anyways, I kinda think it is a good idea to go down and look around some more in person.  We got to look at a lot in the PCB area and Upper Grand Lagoon, but not much in the actual PC area.  And when we looked this last time, we saw several worthy places.  I just don't know how much we could accomplish in just a few days time down there since it's 8 down and 8 up.  Over 5 days, that really only gives us 3.  Hmmm...

Well, today is the 20th so that means that in just 3 days, Summer will be over.  I guess I will wait to do my weigh-in on the 23rd to see how I ended Summer and how I will be going into Fall.  I haven't weighed the last few days, so I have no idea where I'm at.  I guess we will just wait and see how it goes.  Nothing to be done at this point.  And I'm not sure that I will set another 'goal'.  I always seem to do so shitty with that.  I go in thinking how lovely to have a deadline and have a tracker and see how it's going, only to get going and feel disappointment.  I'm not even really sure when it sets in or why.  I just know it does and it's a bummer.  I seem to be able to set reasonable goals for everything else, but not weight.  I wonder why that is?  It's weird to me.  And frustrating.  UGH.  I'm just not really sure where to go from here.  I feel stalled but not in the sense of my weight isn't moving, but more in the sense of I just don't know where to go from here.  One minute I feel like what I am doing is fine and the next I feel like I need to do something more.  Maddening!

Ok, this is long enough and I need to get going.  Nothing will get accomplished at this rate.


  1. Ugh, that sounds horrible about how your cycle has been making you feel! Mine is all messed up even on the pill but I don't really get cramps anymore or have heavy flows- I swear I feel like I'm going through menopause at times! I would definitely try the multi again for this month and see if that helps with the dizzy spells.

  2. Whoa, lady, you fell on the stairs? I've had dizzy spells during the pregnancy, but never during a cycle before. It's no fun when you feel like you have no control over what your body is doing.
    Definitely try iron! (Dark leafy greens like kale boost iron, and are good in smoothies- use that Vitamix!) For whatever reason, I have poor luck with the iron supplements from the store. I'm not sure if I don't digest them well, or if my body just passes most of it out when I pee. I found this iron supplement that I've been taking while pregnant (when I remember- which is tough!) that works pretty well though. Enzymatic Therapy Ultimate Iron- check it out on Amazon. If we lived closer I could just give you some of mine to try, dang it. Floradix Iron and Herb works great too, but it's too expensive in my opinion.
    You should also do a little reading about Vitex (i think it's chaste berry?). Takes a bit to really start working, but it's a highly recommended supplement for women with hormonal issues, PCOS, problems with menstrual cycles, etc. It definitely helped me! It builds over time, and gradually does more and more. I stopped taking it when I got pregnant (it's probably ok, but I just didn't want to take anything at all with the pregnancy, ya know?), but intend to take it again after I have the baby.
    Feel better!!

    1. I actually have the Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex stuff! I never have really taken it and I probably should give it a go. SOMETHING has got to help. But I for SURE need to be getting in more greens, more iron, and get on top of whatever is going on.


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