Friday, October 31, 2014


It's a meh kinda day here.  It's dreary out.  It's cold.  And I'm hating it.  Everyone is all excited about the super slim chance of snow this weekend, and I'm like NOOOOOOO!  I'm also pretty 'meh' about Halloween this year.  I guess I'm just over every thing.  I wish I felt more like being in the spirit, but I'm just not.  I HAVE been thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I guess that's good.  I'm just not super stoked about much.  The kids don't seem to be either, so that isn't helping.  If they were more excited, I think it would rub off and vice versa.  But we all seem pretty 'meh'. 

Things around here are about the same.  We've been working outside and trying to knock out as much as we are comfortable doing in a day.  Little by little.  And believe it or not, the back yard looks darn good.  I have gotten almost all of that old wood cut down and hauled off in the trash over the last couple of weeks.  I hope to get some more done either later today or tomorrow -- if the weather holds out.  I cleaned up some old glass.  I built the retaining wall for the carport and capped off the small one around the HVAC -- it's not done, but it's in motion.  We got started on the patio and got it laid.  Just have to decide if we like it and then put down the pebbles for the spaces.  We moved and cleaned all of the outside structures that aren't going with us to get them sold.  The yard is starting to look like an actual yard instead of a work zone!  LOL

The inside has had some work but between getting other things done and doing the normal daily grind, we didn't make much progress.  As a matter-of-fact, I don't see much of anything getting done today.  I just took meds, but my head still feels so clogged.  UGH.

On other fronts, I'm trying to decide what to do with my hair.  It is SO long.  No joke.  I'm only a couple of inches from my backside when it is straight.  I've been leaving it alone lately and wearing it wavy or curling it, though.  But it's still crazy long.  I am massively due for a color and cut.  But I am trying to decide if I should just go in for a cut and color myself, or if I should cough up the moola.  I'm torn.  My stylist is awesome and the color holds up really well, but it's so costly.  I need all the things done like base color, ombre streaks, and cut.  So... probably around $200.  I think a cut is $30 and a box of color around $10.  *sigh*  I guess I will wait and see.

Weight is still about the same.  My high seems to be around 175 so I'm good with that.  I do want to move lower, but with all of this really physical labor, seems to be hard to keep my hunger level in check.  I'm thinking that with my iron being low, I'm going to have to focus more on my protein intake.  Gotta keep up that iron!  I'm also taking a supplement and it does help so much.  My energy levels seemed to go up after just a few days. 

All in all, I feel like I'm doing darn well.  I'm not doing formal workouts at all, but I'm getting in physical work for sure.  But I need to focus more on doing that formal workout if I'm not so that I keep my activity up.  I think I've been so resentful over the constant talk of 'working it out' that it's made me be rebellious and not work out at all.  I enjoy working out and enjoy the time to myself.  But lately, I've been GRRRR over it because of all the posts that have affected me negatively.  They probably weren't meant negatively, but after seeing them over and over, I feel that way about them.  Like, "I'll show you I can do this without working out!"  Which is silly.  I know I can, but why shoot myself in the foot?  I mean, it's good for me, I enjoy it, and it picks up the slack from where I know I'm not as physically active as I could be.  If that makes sense.  I know what I'm trying to do which is be more active and I know I'm not a gym bunny.  So, what does it matter what they think?  Or do?  Or feel about what I'm doing?  It doesn't.  And I need to get over it.  They need to do what works for them, and I need to do what works for me and stop dwelling on it like it's life or death.  I need to get over myself!  HA!

I guess that's it for today.  I know it's boring around here, but I'm in a weird place these days and I'm not sure what else to say.  Take care all!

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