Saturday, November 1, 2014


AARGH.  It's like, 40 degrees, wet and yucky out.  I am SO glad we managed to get a few things outside tied up over the last couple of weeks.  I got the outdoor toys posted after hubby took pics.  I got the run cleaned up -- not just poop but the leaves, too!  The rest of that random wood has been cut up and put in the trash to be hauled off.  I moved the mowers up closer to the shed.  All in all, the yard is just looking darn good!  I'm pleased with our progress.  The only problem we have encountered is that we do need to bring in the dirt, but we aren't really sure if they can get it in the drive.  The power lines out front are pretty low.  :/  But we for sure need to get it done.  We have a few more things to move over there -- a piece of wood and a few rocks -- then we need to take down the fence for that section.  But all in all, it's ready for that dirt.  Just finding the space and time for it is the issue.  And if the weather does indeed go back to something decent, we could probably get it done.  It's just all the uncertainty of it.  I think we will just have to call and order and hope it will work.  If it doesn't, not sure what our options are.  The idea of buying 50 bags of topsoil... ugh.  I mean, it could be done but holey moley....  and it would still only be about 2 cubic tons.  And I'm pretty sure we need more than that.  Probably even more than double.  But I'm not positive.  I know I only need a few bags for the front yard.  Maybe a few bags for random holes in the back.  It's the big hole at the top of the hill and then the drainage area between us and the neighbors that need the most.  The bags would be cleaner, we could buy just what we could do at a time, and if we didn't get it done, well.. it wouldn't be a big deal.  But at least maybe some of the holes would be filled, the yard pretty level and the worst of it done.  I'm just not sure which option in the end is the best.  I guess we will call and get prices again just to check it out.  Winter is quickly approaching, so it isn't like we have a lot of time to get it done.  We may do the bagged topsoil for now to get the small stuff done, then have a truck load of it delivered in the Spring if we are still here.  That may be the simplest option.

So... I wore some jeans last night that I could BARELY get on last year.  They fit pretty perfect!  I was so happy about that.  I also had to take in a pair of my work jeans.  They were so loose, they were falling off so I took in two inches.  They fit so much better now!  My weight is still about the same, as I mentioned.  I seem to stay between my low of 171 and 175.  I do hope to eventually get down into the 160's.  I probably should work on that now.  It just hasn't been my focus.  I do think I let rebellion take over a bit.  I'm getting over that, but I also need to make priorities and it just hasn't been active weight loss.  Bad, I know.  BUT, at least a lot of other things are getting done.  lol

I should be up getting thing done now!  Every room in the house is a mess and I am sitting here sipping coffee and blogging instead of getting crap done.  I'm not sure where to start, I guess.  I've been trying to stay on top of it, but if I take just one day to do something else, everything gets out of order.  UGH.  And it's been a couple of days now so it feels like the whole house is just mayhem.  I just don't know where to start.  Guess it doesn't matter as long as I do, huh?


  1. Hey, if you fit into pants that were way too tight last year, obviously you are doing something right! I'd take smaller clothing over the scale moving down ANY day. :)

  2. You need those 'you' moments to just sit and drink coffee and blog or read or surf . . . without those 'you' moments I don't know how you wouldn't just collapse from exhaustion after all the work and stuff you do do in and outside your home. Hats of to you for sure! Also, congrats on the smaller pants and having to take them in. Like the commenter above said, I would prefer smaller pants any day to a low number on the scale! You can do this :) The 160's are just around the corner and I know you can crush them :D


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