Monday, December 29, 2014


UGH.  It's foggy, rainy, and dreary here today.  I'm already over Winter, folks.  I forgot to mention it's cold.  Not freezing, but for sure not warm.  BAH HUMBUG.  Hey, I got through Christmas before saying it!  LOL  I know it won't be warm anytime soon.  I know it takes time like anything else.  I'm just over the weather here.  I could handle it better if it wasn't so wet and dark.  I can handle the cold.  I just don't love it.  But it's worse when it's dark and wet on top of the short days and the coldness.

I've been pretty productive regardless.  I have so much more to do, though.  I did manage to get up in the attic and pull down 4 large bags.  Those bags were full of FOAM.  Foam that I had originally planned on using to make floor throw pillows for the kids or pet beds.  I never got around to it.  So, instead of holding onto it and thinking, "Oh, I'll get to it!" I said enough was enough and I let them go.  I posted them for free online, and a lady grabbed them up right away.  I told her they would be in front of my garage and she was welcome to come get them.  That is four HUGE bags out of my attic!  I also found 4 totes of baby clothes that I am thinking of going through soon to donate.  I'm done with babies, so it's time for all of that to go.  I do have a friend who just had a baby and another one who is due, so I will go through those here in a bit and post them up for grabs.  That will get almost one entire end of the attic cleared out! I'm thinking the hardest part will be the Halloween stuff.  As I mentioned, I purged the Christmas stuff WAY down.  I'm hoping to end up with only 3 totes plus the actual tree.  That would make me so very happy!  Then the outside stuff has it's own separate tote.  But it would be so very nice to get it out.  If I can purge down the Halloween stuff to only two totes, that would be awesome.  Then there is one box that says 'Home Decor'.  I have to dig through that and see what is to keep and what is to go.  It's been there for 8yrs.  So... I'm thinking it may be time to let all or at least most of it go.  I won't know until I dig through.  But so far, I've been cutting things down by 3/4 or 1/2.  I'm happy with that.  Only keeping what I love and what I USE. 

I also got my car cleaned out.  It wasn't bad, but I like to stay on top of it so it doesn't get horrid.   Then I managed to get almost all of the recycling out and into the cans.  I'm happy with that, too!  I also changed out a bulb in the garage so I could see better and it made a HUGE difference!  HUGE!  Who knew that changing one little bulb would brighten the entire garage?  But it did.  Now I'm on the hunt for a heater for in there!  I'm hoping that with selling a few things in the shed, I can move a few things from the garage into there.  Between that and hauling things off, I can get back to knocking projects out.  Slowly but surely, I hope that all of these little things will add up to a big chunk of things done and gone.  I have felt so much lighter just letting it go.  :)  There have been some tough decisions, but for the most part it has been good.  I'm sure there will be more.

I'm thinking another hard project is going to be purging the garage stuff.  I'm not a 'hoarder'.  But being artistic, I really hate to let certain things go.  For example, we had this old, really ugly dresser that I sanded and painted.  I HATED the handles on there so I took them off and updated with new, more modern, simple pulls.  TADA!  Done and happy.   But I kept those handles.  Mostly because once they were off of the old dresser that was an ugly brown color, they looked quite dainty and elegant.  And then I started thinking of ways I could really use them that would bring out that beauty.  With everything going on, though... I've never done it.  So... now I'm at the crossroads of deciding what to do with them.  They either need to be used or donated, I know.  UGH.  That is why I think that it will be hard.  Hubby also has to go through several containers of random parts.  He always always ALWAYS wants to keep random parts.  But I think that I am going to refer him to one of my fave bloggers (A Slob Comes Clean)... she says that when decluttering, you should always ask yourself that if you keep something, would you remember you had it and where it was?  Good questions.  In his defense, he does tend to go to those containers and look.  However, he then spends a great deal of time digging through them and digging through them and... DIGGING THROUGH THEM.  Many times, not even finding what it was he needed.  Then he ends up going to the store to buy it anyways!  I have been going through them some when he's not there and throwing out things.  Anything twisted, broken, rusted, etc.  I've not gotten rid of much, really, but I have gotten rid of some.  And then I've also put away anything that I knew had a home.  :)  I'll keep working on it.  I want to keep making progress little by little.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about getting things done.  It's not perfect, but I never said I was!  HA! 

On the food and moving front, I'm moving a lot doing things, but I want to get back into a real exercise groove soon.  My iron has been low, so I'm going to get that up and get to work.  I'm hoping I will feel better in the next few days.  I know it's low because I've been restless, itchy, hair loss, and of course, my nails are breaking at, well, breakneck speed.  I've always had super hard nails that were long and gorgeous.  But I guess too many holiday treats have overwhelmed my system and zapped my iron levels.  I'm doing ok on food.  I wanted to start getting back into the groove of tracking and I did yesterday and today.  I wanted to stay under 1800 and I did both days -- really close to 1600 actually!  So, I was pleased with that.  So again, slowly but surely.  Now if I can get a workout in... maybe I should focus on doing on part of the workout and then moving up... Hmmm... Taking it in bits like I am everything else.  Ideas Ideas ideas....

YIKES.  This post got long!  Going to call it quits for tonight.  I should hit the hay soon since I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring.  I know I have tons I could do or I could sit around and read. Maybe both!  Until then...

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