Thursday, January 8, 2015

In & Out

I know I've been in and out of this blog a lot lately.  Sorry about that.  I don't know how many people I actually have reading anymore.  Do I have any readers anymore?  Does anyone even follow anymore?  I'm starting to think I need some new blogs to follow and some new readers.  I'm thinking I need to do what Kristen mentioned and try doing some link-ups or something.  Even though I have NO idea how to do that.  Zip. Zero.  Zilch.  UGH  I really miss the days of having blogs to follow and followers.  My feed has died down so much, I sometimes go a few weeks without any real posts.  And since I cleaned up my FB page, it's really quiet, too.  Yes, that is good.  But it also is somewhat boring on excessively cold winter days.  This winter has been cold, but dry as far as snow.  We've gotten a lot rain, though.  That means days are dreary.  I'm really over that.  But right now, we are in excessively cold weather just like a huge portion of the country.  I am SO glad we put in that gas fireplace.  That baby is getting it's workout lately and for sure will tonight.  I may have to actually turn it up to high tonight with single digit temps. 

Anyways, where do I start on this little update?  Let's go with finances!  I paid the card back off!  The one that I had already paid and then had to use because they didn't take my revolving card.  So, I paid that off like I said I would.  :)  Slowly but surely!  That gets me back to 2.  And the one is going down pretty fast.  I'm happy and hope to continue. 

Pantry/Freezer clean out is going pretty darn well, too.  We did have a couple of nights of eating out, but nothing huge or fancy.  In the meantime, I've been trying to stay on top of leftovers and eating meals out of freezer and pantry.  We've used up some frozen waffles, I've used up some frozen banana and some other fruit, and ate some yogurt before it went bad.  I've gotten in a can of peas, some tomato sauce, finished off some cereal, and just been working my way through things.  Hubby even made a cake the other night and used up one of the box cakes!  The kiddos loved that.  They've eaten it after school as their snack.  For some reason, they've been wanting just candy.  So, it was nice to get them to eat something else.  I realize cake isn't super healthy, but they eat nice and balanced for most of their meals, so their little treat a day is then.  I actually prefer they eat it then and burn it off rather than right before bed!  At bed, they've just been wanting some pretzels and milk or something like that.  I'm waiting for a berry craving to hit.  When they went through a berry phase, no one but them got any of them!  They were eating them non-stop!  4 containers every few days!  It was crazy.  They go through phases with foods... I guess most people do.  Back on point, I feel like we are doing ok but we need to stay on it.  Dinner out once in a while is fine, but I want to really make a dent in the pantry and freezer over the next month.  Especially the freezer.  Those things just don't transfer well.  On a funny note, I told my Mom I was going to turn into a lush because I was going to be working on drinking up the alcohol in the house.  We have been drinking the wine just to enjoy it, but there is a lot of alcohol that will have to be poured out if we don't drink it.  We don't drink much, though, so I may either have to pour it out or just give it away.  We have only bought 1 think recently and that was some brandy.  It was horrible!  But we got it at Costco, so if we can return that, then I'll return it.  I really hate to pour anything out.... I hate to waste it.  I just don't want to move anything I don't have to, ya know?

My weight... I still haven't really checked!  I was going to check and then realized I was about to start my cycle and well... other than checking at night I haven't really checked in the AM.  I will when my cycle is over.  That's what I get for waiting.  But it's ok -- I'm not going to stress.  I'm still not tracking my food on MFP.  I did one day, but I haven't gotten into a groove.  I have, however, been being more aware and adding up each meal and staying close to 400 at meals and 200 at snacks.  I also put new batteries in my food scale and have been using it and getting back into the habit.  I twisted my knee so I haven't been working out.  It seems to be feeling better so I am hopeful.  I had wanted to today, but after moving our console to the storage unit, it hurt like the blazes.  I decided to take it easy. 

That's another thing we've been up to.  My attic is now CLEAN!  I went through and cleared out so much.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I purged my Christmas things before I even decorated this year.  We went from over 8 containers down to 3 and then the tree.  So, 4 total.  I then worked my way through the rest of the attic.  I found 4 good sized totes of baby clothes.  I went through and only took out 2 or 3 things and the rest was given to a friend who had a baby.  I told her to keep whatever and pass whatever on -- I just didn't want it back!  I have another box I need to send tomorrow if I can get out.  If not, it will be next week.  One container had a random label so I went through it getting out the back of the booster and some other random things that I actually needed out!  Then I went through and cleaned out the Easter stuff and moved it to it's own bin with a label instead of random bags floating around.  Then I tackled the Halloween stuff.  It was spreading.  I originally thought there were only 3 bins.  But then as I dug in, I realized there were 3 bins, a bag, and several lose items.  Then I found the bag of the actual Halloween buckets.  So, I reorganized that and labeled and purged and got it down to the 3 original bins plus the bag of buckets.  I don't know how I had so much!  We pulled down the patio pillows/cushions.  I'm just going to leave those in their bags.  The only thing left up there is 3 bins of clothes put away for youngest.  I may pull those down and put them in storage.  Well, the largest sizes.  I did bring one down to use now.  Kids grow like weeds!

All in all, I'm trying to move along.  I feel sorta bogged down right this minute.  I'm happy with everything hubby got done.  He's been busy busy busy!  I really like the old console gone.  We have sold it.  I'm working on getting things sold now that we know we don't want.  I hated to sell our media wall, but it was just not us anymore.  So, the 'buffet' that was in our dining room was converted to a console for our living room.  Which looks AMAZING.  Not to mention, it really opens up the dining room!  I loved having the console to store candles, our alcohol, and other random things.  But the truth is that it was a catch all for clutter and things that I haven't been using.  I did use some of it, but most of it was just clutter.  I had already purged most of that, so it was pretty darn empty.  The only things I kept were a few candles and candle holders.  And then my holiday serving things.  That's really it other than the alcohol.  I think I can find homes for the random stuff displaced from that and from working on the island.  We'll see.  I think maybe that's why I'm bogged down.  It always seems like one or the other of us is 'on'.  I had a few good days then hubby had a few good days.  I guess that's the way it goes.

Other than that.... I don't have much to report.  No job; yet.  No house; yet.  No change; yet.  Just moving along doing what needs to be done either way.  Because even if nothing as far as the job and house change, I still want to do these projects.  It was still time to do this purging.  It really was time for change even if it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be at first.  Or what I had hoped for.  Once again, progress not perfections; slowly but surely.  :)

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  1. I'm here! I read :) haha . . . I just don't always have time to comment because I'm a doof and read at like dinner time when kids are whining and then 12am when I'm half asleep. Anywhoozle, e-mail me if you want to know how to do the link ups. The blog-o-sphere has not been the same for a while. I miss the never ending blogs of 2010-2012... that was Bloggers Prime years. :(


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