Monday, February 23, 2015

A Wee Grumpy

I feel a wee bit grumpy today.  I think I stayed up too late last night, but I just couldn't seem to sleep.  And now today, today I am a wee grumpy.  I'm keeping it in check so far, but I'm not sure how long that will last.  Everything feels... out of whack.  UGH.  It's not really.  It just feels like it is.  And now I need to get a plan together for dinner because what I had planned no longer sounds all that yummy. But I need to make something.  I'm also going to make a batch of banana bread if I can make myself get up and do it.  I so wish I had a freakin' cupcake pan, but I don't.  It's either packed or been thrown away.  So, I'm going to have to make it in an actual pan.  BAH. HUMBUG.  I guess I could break out the bread machine, but when it's this cold, I don't mind the heat.  LOL

What I am thinking of doing, is using some muffin mix we have.  It was on clearance a while back and at the time, we were on a muffin kick.  Well, we haven't been since so now we have all of these packs.  They're honey bran and delicious, but I've not been using them.  I think making them into bread and pancakes is a lovely idea!  The only change would be the amount of liquid, I think.  I am going to give it a try.  Can't hurt!  Better than letting them sit there and waste. 

Speaking of waste, out of all of the kiwi's, I think a total of 6 got trashed.  One early on and the last five in the bowl.  I went to eat three, and realized that out of the 6 left, 5 were beyond saving.  :(  I was bummed.  I was looking forward to a fruit salad.  There are SO many in a package, though.  And I think it was only like, $6.  Maybe $8.  And there had to be 18 in there!  So, if we lost 6, then we ate 12.  That means they were only about $0.50 each if it was indeed $6.  Not too shabby.  But next time, I think I'm going to try freezing them.  We haven't been doing great on the freezer challenge this week.  I've kind of... I don't know.  Fell off the wagon with that.  We are still eating stuff out of it, just not hard and heavy like we were.  And when we went to Costco, a few frozen things made their way back in.  We have only been out to eat once, so that is good.  And a few pantry items have been used up.  So... I guess we are doing ok.  But just ok.  I guess progress is progress.  We've used up some rice, a can of soup, and threw away some old taco shells.  They smelled funny.  And some dressing that was just terrible!  I wish we had tried it sooner.  It was awful, awful, AWFUL!  We also used some pasta, some sauce, and... hey!  I guess we're doing better than I thought.  :) 

Not much else has been going on.  I did finish a few more sewing projects today and started on a big one for my SIL.  I'm not sure I'll ever get it done, but I love the design and hope I can finish it for her.  I have another one in mind for a friend of mine, but I haven't started it, yet.  I have this one to work on and then two dresses.  The one dress I already did once, but I think I want it a smidge shorter.  I think I will use a different style of stitch, too.  So, that leaves 3 projects.  I'm pretty happy with that!  My bin is pretty empty now!  :D

I guess that's it other than my high level of grump today.  I think it's just the weather.  I am SO ready to be moved on and doing something different.  I'm ready for change.  I wish I knew some way to do that.  I feel like this blog needs a change, but I'm not sure where to go with it.  I mostly use it like a journal, but I don't feel like I'm making the best use of it.  I need to find my direction, I guess.

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