Thursday, February 5, 2015


Yuppers.  Today is my birthday and it's been a darn good one!  I am officially 35.  I don't feel old at all; and I've been sure to think it over.  I really don't.  I've felt like my 30's have been pretty awesome.  I'm thinking they will continue to be.  I'm not even really dreading my 40's.  With people living longer and longer, that only seems like maybe the halfway point, ya know?  I feel like now, just a bit over 30 years in, I'm finally getting it and enjoying it.  I know I will continue to learn, but so far, so good.

Today was a good day.  My friend came up and we hung out, went for brunch, bought some wine, and then did a smidge of shopping.  I fear I may have talked her ear off, but what can I say?  I don't get out much.  Then came home and hubby had done the shopping, bought me flowers, helped get a card plus a card from him, and even brought home cupcakes!  It was really sweet.  Days like this are what make life good.  Ya know? 

All in all, just a good relaxing day.  I didn't do much around the house -- just no time.  But I did a few things like go through the pantry to see where we are with that.  I ended up throwing away two small bags of soy flour.  Hubby has discovered a sensitivity to it, I don't care for it, and it was probably expired anyways.  So, I chose to just throw it out.  I'm not sure I could've even given it to anyone.  I then unloaded a box nearly half empty and combined the drinks bringing half of them up here.  I organized them all in our little shelf, so now we have drinks.  The plan is to not buy any more until these are gone.  I think we can do that!  It shouldn't be too terribly hard.  I just don't want them to waste.  I don't want to waste fridge space for them, so I plan on only putting one or two in there.  But nothing else was done.  I never made it to the big freezer.  And I only glanced through the small one.  Although, I did use up some of the French fries that were in there tonight.  But really, the pickin's are getting puny in there!  Which is good.  The pantry has lots of empty spots, too.  I just have to buckle down and not be tempted now that we are really seeing progress.  I need to go through that big freezer and prioritize.  Mostly I need to see if there is anything else I need to throw out and check dates. 

So... yeah.  That's it.  I know I left the last blog sort of abruptly, but I kept having interruption after interruption so I just left it and walked away.  I know I am leaving out all kinds of stuff, but sometimes I just can't seem to remember it, get it all out there, or not be interrupted!  LOL  But for tonight, it shall be a short one.  I need to get to bed soon.  I am just about too tired to think.  ;)

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