Friday, February 6, 2015

Too Tired for doing NOTHING

Today wasn't a busy day at all.  And I slept just fine.  Sooo... why am I so darn tired?  I'm not really sure.  All I know is that I am too darn tired for someone who didn't really do anything.  Know what I mean?  Anyways, it was a good day.  My parents got to come for a visit so the kiddos were ECSTATIC about that.  I wasn't really positive they would come so I hadn't told them.  The look on their faces was worth it!  We had cupcakes (yes, MORE cupcakes!) and pizza.  Then we did a bit of shopping where we bought nothing.  Although, we did look a lot and it gave me good ideas for designs in the new house.  I've been pretty neutral with wall colors in the last two places with only side rooms having real color.  Milk chocolate brown (a medium tan) in the first house and then a rusty red/copper here.  Both very warm, earthy, and neutral.  In the next house, I'm thinking cooler tones.  Not necessarily beachy, modern, or any of that.  Just... cooler.  We will see how it goes. 

My mood is pretty good even with being so tired.  I am running thin now that it has gotten late, but not bad.  I did start my cycle this morning/late last night, so I have had some discomfort.  Again, not horrid.  But I feel big as a blowfish!  I was telling my Mom tonight that I am going to be going back to watching my cals as soon as I find a new food scale.  Did I mention mine got broken?  Yup.  The day before I had planned.  I was just thinking about it one morning and thought, you know, once these leftovers are gone, I could jump right back to watching cals so I could lose some more instead of sitting where I am.  Tomorrow is as good a time as any!  And then BAM!  Broken scale.  I am going to try to do that tomorrow anyways.  It may not be 100%, but it will be a start.  Also going to try to deal with stress better and just jump into some exercise.  I keep saying I 'need' to, but haven't.  No better time than now, ya know?  I wonder if I could take that scale apart and fix it?  Hmmm... may have to try that.  My only fear is the leftovers!  SO. MANY. CUPCAKES!  I'm not sure the cal info is on there.  But I will do my best. 

Other than that, things are about the same.  Still no jobs.  Still no house or house on the market.  Still sorta stagnant.  So, progress needs to happen somewhere.  Might as well be on the scale!  I'm not going to weigh in for a while as my jeans will tell the story.  But I will once I feel like I'm ready to.  I'm sorry about no pics of projects, either.  I thought that you would really be able to 'see' a difference, but it doesn't seem very noticeable.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I see it every day?  I have no idea.  Maybe because the rooms that we finished, the things to finish weren't 'big' but they were necessary.  We sorta have a list that we are knocking off.  But in my head, the whole room thing is still there and what I am pecking away at.  I think the reason why that is so hard, is because you have to let things dry or set between each step!  You don't think it will be so bad, but it can be super annoying.  So, you end up going to another room to do stuff while your caulk dries or your primer dries or something.  But tomorrow, I plan on working on laundry.  I may try to work on a project or two, but I mostly want to work on laundry.  I feel like my oldest's options are slim and I can't figure that out!  So, I am going to go through and make sure the first load is all his.  Then go from there. 

I guess that is about it on my end.  With my birthday, nothing has been frugal!  HA!  But we are still eating mostly out of the fridge and pantry.  The kids ate some fries out of the freezer yesterday and so did I along with a can of tuna.  Not all together!  Then hubby ate some oatmeal using up some of our large bounty.  I plan on eating some of it, too, over the next couple of weeks.  I didn't realize that we had this bag plus two more downstairs!  Two different kinds, but still!  Need to be eating that up.  I am also thinking of every once in a while, making a big batch of rice so we have an option for just heating and eating.  I wonder if you can freeze cooked rice?  Hmmm... I wouldn't want to do much.  Maybe one cup containers.  Gotta think about that and look into it!  Also need to go through the freezers.  Never got to that today. 

Yup.  That's it!  Tomorrow as I said, mostly laundry and maybe bills.  Off I go!  Until Later!

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