Wednesday, February 4, 2015

For the Last Week

For the last week, we have been working like CRAZY on the house.  So much that I feel a bit insane and exhausted.  I think I am going to take a couple of days off to focus on putting the house back in order.  My first plan of attack is to get the rooms that we finished good and clean and get photos.  Because yes, we finished a few rooms!  Not as many as we had hoped -- we had hoped to finish up the entire top floor.  But we got 3 rooms completely done!  The living room, dining room, and then my oldest's room.  I've already gotten the pics of the oldest's room.  So, I am going to do some cleaning and staging so we can get some good pics of the living room and dining room.  I made progress in other areas, but nothing that was completed.  A lot of caulking and patching and sanding was done along with a shit ton of painting on my part.  The hubby did a bunch of electrical and other trim and whatnot.  So, we got a lot done, but not another room finished.  I think after a break of a day or two, I will feel more like myself and more like doing more.  But I'm stressed and bummed from the last week so I need a bit of a breather.

We also didn't hear back from hubby's interview so we are a bit sad.  I had really, REALLY hoped this was it.  I guess it just wasn't God's plan so now we continue to wait.  I'm having a hard time being patient, but I am trying.  It just seemed to me the way they talked, the phrasing they used, all led to one thing.  Maybe it was just wishful thinking on our part.  Anyways, we aren't giving up.  Just going to keep plugging along and it will happen when it happens if it is meant to be.  If it isn't, then at some point it will be made clear.

On a good note, we had good stuff go on today.  As long as our dog has clear blood work come back tomorrow, we should be a go for his cherry eye surgery.  They think they can tuck them.  I hope it will work.  We will see.  I hope it does.  AND, the big news is I finally got the conference for my oldest and it ended up working out the way we had prayed even if we had gone in worried.  She thinks he is fine and quite gifted and intelligent.  But that sometimes he needs a lot of reinforcement.  So, she's moved him from distractions (kids he doesn't work well with), given him a bit more positive feedback, and allowed him a bit more freedom.  It's done wonders.  We just didn't know what was going on or what had been done until now.  That was my big concern.  Over all, I am pleased and happy that things have worked out the way they have.

Other than the constant work on the house, I don't believe I have much to report.  I could ramble on and on, but... I don't know.  I just don't want to.  I should probably get to bed.  Until later...

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  1. Good luck with everything in your life! Happy thoughts your way.


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