Monday, February 9, 2015

Pretty Busy

I had a pretty busy day today, but nothing crazy.  We ended up having company come over so that was super for the kiddos.  And when they all went to the movies, I had the WHOLE house to myself!  WEEEEEEE!  LOL  It was nice.  :D

I DID get the hardware on the finished doors and get all but two re-installed.  I did finally almost catch up on laundry -- I have a few loads to fold and put away tomorrow and one hanging load.  I also got the bar chairs recovered that looked horrid!  The material is a nice heavy vinyl that is WIPEABLE!  YAY!  So, I am happy with that.  Even though it was the second time.  The original material was scrubbed and scrubbed, but looked dirty all the time.  It was plain black fabric.  I had really thought it would do better.  :/  The next was a green faux animal skin.  Probably gator?  It was a pretty light green with just enough pattern to be interesting.  But it, too, didn't hold up and after only a few uses, looked FILTHY.  Even right after a scrub down.  So, I went for heavy vinyl this time.  I just couldn't do another round of plain ol' fabric.  This is the good stuff like what you would see at a restaurant!  HA!  SCRUB SCRUB! 

I could've gotten more done today, but my main focus this weekend was to get the house in a cleaner order.  It still isn't, though.  Especially now that we have had company.  So, tomorrow, after school, the boys are going to do some cleaning.  They promised all weekend to do it and didn't so I think we are going to have to go back to nightly cleaning.  I let it slip and over time, it's just getting to be too much.  I just can't do it all, all the time.  I need help.  And I need to be an adult and ask for it.  If that fails.... I'm not sure what punishment to bring about.  I just know I need help.  We all live here and we all need to contribute.  I think purging has helped.  I'm thinking that will happen again downstairs soon.  I've kept stuff thinking they would play with it, but most of it has sat and wasted.  So, it's time for some of it to go.  I may keep a few things but just get rid of part of them.  Like the train stuff takes up TWO bins.  So, I may purge that down.  Same with the cars that they NEVER play with.  TWO bins.  I think it's just time to get rid of at least half.  If it overflows the container, then the problem isn't the container or even the storage system.  The problem is the stuff!  And that is where I am right now. 

So, that brings me to what to do tomorrow.  We haven't decided.  I am sure I need to work on a project first and I am thinking that with the other bathroom working, one kiddo in school, and etc., I really should finish the bathroom.  I just need to touch up a couple of spots on the wall, second coat the trim, and touch up the ceiling.  But the bedroom is in serious need, too.  Hmm...  Then the downstairs needs to be done.  UGH.  So. Much. To. Do.

On a final note, I'm tracking on MFP.  I'm going to attempt to track daily, weigh daily, and fit in a few workouts a week.  That's all I can do and you know, I think that is enough.  My goal is to lose 20lbs. from yesterday's weight of 185.  So, we will see how it goes.  I have no time limit.  Just want to get going back down.  I am going to weigh daily, but will only update when I feel like it on here.  I will be updating MFP daily, though, just for tracking.  I feel no stress or need to rush.  Just getting back to doing what I was doing and losing instead of sitting still.  Although, I did delete everyone from my friend's list and I'm only going to do it for me.  No one else will read it or anything.  I may even remove my pics.  Really see no point in having pics on there for that.  I really just want to use it more as a tool rather than to socialize.  And that is what I was using it for a lot. 

Honestly, it was distracting.  Stepping away from it and a lot of the drama of FB has been pretty good for me.  I still am not getting on FB nearly as much.  I'm still not getting involved in many issues or whatnot.  I do, once in a while, drop a comment on something that could be controversial, but most of the time I just keep scrolling.  My life has been much more peaceful.  Well, from FB drama!  And from MFP forum drama.  LOL  Still, it's an improvement.  I talk to who I want to talk to and otherwise, I just keep scrollin'. 

I guess that is it for tonight.  Time to get to gettin'.  I foresee bed in my near future!  Until later!

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