Sunday, March 22, 2015

Back to the Beginning

In many ways, we are back at the beginning.  Hubby does have a new job, but we still haven't found a new place nor sold our old one.  I'm trying not to stress about it.  What do I do not to stress?  I write and talk.  LOL  I also tend to work.

So, that is my plan.  I'm going to work.  There are still quite a few things that need to be done around here to get the house on the market.  I mostly want to work on getting things out.  We have a lot of things still on the wall that should be packed.  Plus some things that need to be sold.  And then things that are going to friends/family.  I had wanted to leave a few things to allow the house to look 'staged', but I'm thinking that we really need to get things out.  I don't want to be stressed at the last minute trying to get things done.  If this was TV, it would be different.  But this is real life and we need to get this done. 

Our storage building is full now (after that last haul off) and is already paid up through April.  So, I don't see the point in moving that stuff again until we need to.  But I'm thinking that once I am done with a couple of projects, I will be using the garage area for storage.  It's that or the office area, and that won't work.  And I will have to be careful to keep our donate/sell pile separate.  Or cleaned up.

I will just have to keep on keeping on slowly but surely.  We want to finish a few things and then list.  We had hoped to before now, but man alive things have come up one after the other, ya know?  I guess in many ways that has been good -- it has given the market a chance to improve a smidge.  I think we will go ahead and list on Zillow soon and talk to a friend of ours about adding to the MLS.  I don't care to do the open houses or the showings myself (did it in the last house), but I want someone to go over the paperwork.  I can even handle the calls.  Just paperwork and all the mumbo jumbo legal language is confusing.  And since it's an all new world of real estate since we last sold... better safe than sorry.

Not to mention that with so much on my mind, I feel scatter brained.  Which I HATE.

And fat.  I feel fat today.  More on that in the next blog.

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