Sunday, March 22, 2015


The last week has been craziness.  Utter and complete craziness.  And today, today I feel worn out.

What's weird is I also feel like talking and not talking all at once.  :/  It's a weird sensation.  So, I'm on here writing just to see if I can manage the feelings and emotions.

First and foremost, we made our trip down to FL.  It was sort of last minute and really put us in the negative -- so there goes my budget for getting out of debt.  But there wasn't much to be done about it.  We planned and then canceled and then at the very last minute, decided to go on ahead.  It took some major maneuvering, but we managed to get it back on and go in a timely manner.  We had prayed that if we were to go, God would move in a big way to make it clear and a clear path.  So, we got the all clear from a new house sitter, hubby got a call about a job interview, and just... all fell into place so we went. 

All in all, I would say the trip was a success.  Yesterday it didn't feel that way, but we were lagging and tired.  Even the day before, we felt more stressed than relieved.  But really, we should feel like it was a success.  I think what put a damper on it is that our house fell through.  Yes, again.  This time was at a house close to the bay.  We had put in an offer, negotiated, and got a yes.  But then after another walk trough, something felt off.  I never could put my finger on it.  It was weird.  Later that evening, hubby checked the FDLE list and sure enough, the guy next door is a convicted and registered Sexual Predator.  Not just a Sexual Offender, but a PREDATOR.  We had to walk away.  HAD TO.  I could not live right next door and worry about that all of the time.  I worry enough about it!  I felt bad backing out, but we felt it was the right thing. 

So, we were a little on edge about no house.  We looked at several properties with (and without) our realtor.  We called about rentals.  We ran ourselves ragged but no house really came into view until the night before we were to leave.  Friday night.  In truth, the house is out of our price range.  It needs some major work on the outside.  Nothing we couldn't do, but still.  WORK.  And for the price it is, that shouldn't be the case.  I can see if it was just updating due to age or taste, but this is neglect that can over time affect the functionality of the home.  It is a Foreclosure, so we are debating putting in an offer.  We like the home, but I am reluctant to allow anything more because we've already really liked/loved two other properties and it has fallen through.  I'm trying to leave this in God's hands to guide us.  If it's His will, it will happen, ya know?  I'm like that with most things and thinking that if it's meant to be, it will eventually work out.  We haven't done that with our home search and I think we should.

Of course, we haven't sold the home we are in and I think that getting ready to move from here needs to become priority.  Because... HUBBY GOT THE ENGINEERING JOB!  In truth, the pay isn't what we had hoped, but at this point, I think it is more important that he be happy than we make a ton of money.  Money is good and helpful, but right now, I think he needs to be somewhere that is going to be a happier place and nurture his hopes and skills vs. bank.  And when we prayed on it, that was my prayer was that he would find a job where he would be happier.  We are hopeful that we can sell our house to break even and then move on.  If so, then we should be fine.  That is our major concern right now is to try to get our home on the market and sold.  I want to price it well to make sure we can pay off the house total.  Right now, our loan is an 80/20 (never doing that again) and then the HVAC/water improvement loans.  Although, I'm not worried about the water.  I really want to take that with us.  And it's not a big loan.  I mostly want to make enough over what we owe (I think it's around 146k) to have a decent down payment on the next house.  I know we will have to pay a % to realtors and other random things.  And we know that the limit we would like to stay at in the next house is 200k.  10% of that, for our down payment, is 20k.  So, making 20k is a for sure need.  We would like to make some over that just because we've invested so much time and money.  But I don't want to be greedy.  Right now, my SIL says she has a friend looking for a house and all she could do is 175k.  I'm not sure we could make that work.  With fees and all of that, we would barely make a bit over 15k (if I've calculated fees right).  With the other we've calculated, it would barely be enough.  :(  The only way I can see closing the gap is to negotiate the realtor fees a bit lower and/or not helping with closing costs.  *sigh*  I wonder if on the house we like, we could go a bit higher and ask them to cover our closing costs?  I doubt they would.  UGH. Too much on my mind and too many numbers.  I guess we will have to discuss it, pray on it, and go from there.

This is long enough, so on to another post... 

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