Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Sorry I haven't updated... it's been a busy and hectic couple of weeks around here.  All good, though.  I'd rather be busy than doing nothing at all.  So, a few things:

* My period has gone on hiatus.  I don't deal with stress well.  Or my hormones are out of whack.  I know I'm not pregnant (I checked!), so either way, I have to deal with this at some point.

* We're headed out of town.  Who knows what this week will bring?

* My storage building is now full.  If we have to store more, we will either have to get another one or move to a 10x10.

* Woofy's eye surgery, is so far, a success.  No more cherry eye!

* My weight is the same.

* My diet/exercise is the same; aka non-existent.

* The house, on the other hand, is really moving along.  I haven't finished another whole room (the master was the last finished.  But it's so neat knowing that other than some trim for the hallway/master closet, second coat/touch up in the bathroom, and the kitchen, the whole upstairs is done.  LR, DR, Master, B2, B3 all done!  I will update when it is all official.

* I did, indeed, clean out the garage.  We now have a sell station, donation station, and storage station.  Plus stuff is moving from their random storage things into totes/bins that should be easier to deal with on moving day.  It's sooooo much better in there.  I do plan on making a few more changes, but nothing major.  I'm really happy with it currently and now have somewhere to work without having to wiggle through. 

That's all I can think of.  I forgot to post this the other day, so I guess I will post it as-is for now.

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  1. Hey Jewlz, just checking up on you. :) Things seem a bit busy for you, but it seems that you are very productive too! Keep it up! :D


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