Friday, April 17, 2015

Catch Up

As I mentioned in the last blog (that I didn't get posted the day I actually wrote it), I've been feeling overwhelmed with stuff and emotions.  Today, I'm feeling MUCH better.  I think it was all of the extra sleep and getting over the 'hump' of my period.  I am really hoping that I am over the worst of the slump. 

Yesterday was an ok day.  I was still rather emotional and wound up, but overall, it was a good day.  I DID manage to just pick up something and start.  I literally just picked something up and put it away.  I kept doing that until I had a clear path.  I was able to get almost all of the work supplies put away in the garage for ease of future use.  I took down the last of the packed and almost full boxes to my work area downstairs.  I vacuumed, dusted (some), and tried out the new Swiffer thing I got at Kroger.  Even stuff like dishes, some laundry, etc.  I tried to work on a few projects, but I kept hitting speed bumps and having to walk away.  I did get a couple of things done, but it took longer than it should have if I hadn't felt so YUCK.  I finished those but then walked away to focus on the cleaning.  Now, my upstairs is all in order.  The bathroom needs a scrub, but at least it is done and orderly.  A good wipe down of the counters and mirror were already done, but I need to clean the tub and toilet.  I still have the regular stuff to do like pick up, but I am trying not to let stuff build up.  I think that is why it was necessary to do the cleaning yesterday.  I needed to take a break from project stuff to get the cleaning in line.  So, that was good.  And I succeeded! 

Today, I'm not sure what I will get into, but it needs to be paint.  Also, some caulk.  My list of painting projects is pretty long and has been put off the last few days for other things, so I need to get into it today and knock out a big chunk.  Upstairs I only have the paint in the master and some touch-up in the hall.  I want to touch up the caulk in those areas, too, as some of the gaps were pretty large.  Again, contractor fail.  Hubby tried to fix some of them, but it just didn't help much.  So, they were pretty large.  I should've just used the backer rod, but I forgot.  Oh well.  Too late now!  I did get some for some other areas, but they aren't that large so not sure if I will need it or not!  Ironic.  The other paint is the last coat on the risers.  I also need to touch up the wall where the sander touched a few times.  The rest is all downstairs.  I have a few spots in the entry area on the actual walls.  Then lots and lots of caulking and trim.  And I mean, LOTS.  I also have another contractor fail to correct with the bathroom door frame.  UGH. 

I guess that is the main thing on my agenda.  Most of the house at this point is show ready as far as projects go.  Just got to get to work on this epic ton of painting. 

Weight this AM was 186.5.  I've been doing ok on the diet front and been staying busy.  Not any formal workouts the last couple of days, but I'm thinking I can get one in here in just a bit.  I haven't planned on a certain number per week.  I'm trying to look at it instead as being active.  To me, a formal workout is like, lifting.  Something I'm doing with the intent of getting in exercise.  The other stuff is just that I am busy and doing it and I count it.  But it wasn't done for the sole purpose of activity.  Calories have been looking pretty good although I did go over a bit yesterday.  I forgot that my snack had been larger and I needed to cut back a bit.  But that is ok, it wasn't severe or anything.  What I've been trying to do is if I go over slightly at a meal or snack, I cut back a bit.  But if I have something extra from say breakfast, I don't roll that over.  The goal is to always be under 400 for meals and 200 for snack.  Does that make sense?  But either way, I try not to stress over it.  I have enough stress as-is! 

Fridge and pantry clean-out is still going pretty well.  Hubby taking a decent amount of stuff helped.  I was really worried there for a bit about using it all, but we've made great progress.  I do have a few things I'm worried about, but at this point, I think if we had to throw some out, it wouldn't be the disaster it would have been a few months ago.  I've also managed to find homes for a few things if we can't use it all.  My brother said he could take some.  WOOO!  So that way, if it isn't all used, at least a good portion of it will be taken somewhere else to be used and not thrown in the can.  I'm thinking all that may be dumped now is some veggies.  Maybe some fruit.  I'm trying to use it up, but since I'm the only adult here, it's difficult.  Like last night, I made a simplified version of Shepherd's pie w/no mashed potatoes.  And while it was completely made out of pantry and freezer items, it will make me 4 meals.  Normally, I would have hubby here eating two portions so that would be fine.  But I will be eating this for the next two days.  It's good but... that gets tough after a bit.  So, I think I will have something else for lunch, have that for dinner again (or vice versa) and mix it in over the next few days instead of trying to eat it all at once.  I need to keep plowing through the freezer stuff, but it's hard when it's only me.  I'm thinking of taking out a good portion of the veggies, thawing them, and then throwing them all on a tray with some seasoning and roasting them to have as sides over the course of the next week.  It's the only way I can think of to use them up.  Or even making a big batch of garbage soup.  I would need to buy an onion to do that since I have ZERO.  Normally, the point of garbage soup is just to use up what you have.  I just don't know how good it would be without onion! I wonder if I have enough dehydrated onion?  I probably do and should probably use it up, too.  I'm sure it's starting to get old and well... Might as well.  I may do that today.  Hmmm.... Decisions decisions...

All in all we're slowly, but surely, pecking away at what needs to be done.  The weather today is looking fab right at the moment.  Which is GREAT.  We need to dry out some!  I need to take advantage and get going on what needs to get done.  Although, the nice weather is tempting me to go to HD and get the stuff I need to tie up the rest of the things outside... Hmmm...  It's also good for painting since things dry so much faster when the humidity isn't 100%!  LOL  Ok, off I go!

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