Sunday, April 19, 2015

I should be working...

I should be working right now, but I felt the need to take it a bit easy today since I was up so late last night.  I was too worked up... What finally helped?  I updated my 'Wifey Do List'.  LOL  We have one for me and one for the hubby.  The dang list is LONG.  It got shorter and shorter yesterday, but then I would find stuff that needed to be added.  So... now it is about two pages long again.  I should be working on it now.  I really should.  But I wanted to take a few minutes to update things.  We are sure hoping to get the house on the market this weekend -- I keep saying that because I keep thinking it is going to happen!  But then something happens like RAIN almost EVERY DAY for an entire WEEK AND A HALF.  We knew during the Winter it wasn't going to happen and it was fine since hubby hadn't found a job, but it's more real now.  It also helps we have a few houses in site...  I just keep reminding myself that God has a plan.  I just need to keep in gear and get things done!  I'm working on it!  I am!  :D I just need down time now and then. 

I finally finished the upstairs.  Boys were good, animals were scarce, and the humidity was controlled enough that the paint actually dried! I do need to touch up some caulk, but it's just touch up.  I plan on doing that later when I start the downstairs bathroom work because that is where I am starting first.  And there is all kinds of caulking to be done there.  Most is regular caulk, but there is also specialty caulk around the inside of the tub.  Busy busy. 

All in all, I'm feeling ok.  I just hope that my body and brain can hold out this week.  Right now, I feel a bit 'shut down' emotionally.  It seems to be the only way I can deal with all of this stress is just to put it away.  I'm betting I will be due for a big breakdown after all is said and done, but right now I'm ok.  I think.  I hope I can hold out.

On another note, I keep forgetting to track my dang food on MFP!  I have TWO days worth of entries to put in there, but I keep forgetting.  And then when I try to go and enter it, I go blank.  *sigh*  I HAVE been tracking while eating.  I just forget to enter it at the time because it's eat really quick and get back to work.  UGH.  I got almost all of yesterday's entered except for snack.  I can't remember what I had.  I know I had a banana, but can't remember after that.  I know I had two snacks.  I knew I was going to be over about 100 for the banana.  UGH. 

Anyways, with my cycle almost over, tracking my calories, and all that, I decided to weigh in this AM.  183 even.  :D  I'll take it.  7lbs. from my average and 12 from my absolute lowest.  Just got to stay on the food.  It is easy to slip when so busy.  I just remembered what I had and it was... toast.  HA!  I rarely eat toast but I did yesterday.  UGH.  Put me over on cals!  Oh well.  I also worked my ass off.  LOL

Ok, well, I'm going to keep thinking on Friday.  I can't remember lunch for anything! Driving me crazy.  But now, now it is time to GET TO WORK.  Wish me luck and patience!  :D

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