Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This will probably be quick.  I hope...

Anyways, it's been a productive last couple of days.  I've gotten quite a bit done.  I do have more, but  huge chunk has been knocked out.  If I can only get the errands done and the house clean today, I am hopeful to tie up a few more of the projects tomorrow.  I would like to today, but I don't want to wear myself too thin.  The cleaning alone is going to take a good deal of energy because it needs to be picture ready and show clean.  I realize I will still have more to do to have it ready for the weekend, but I want to try to knock out the bulk of it today after errands.  I hope my poor old body can hold out just a bit longer!

Here in minute, I need to revise my 'To Do' list.  I got a HUGE portion of it knocked out, but what is left needs to be organized and added to and some things removed and added to hubby's list.  I was hopeful to be able to do the trim, but so far, I've sucked at that.  Unless I can find a good miter saw/box, that will have to wait.  :(  I'm bummed because I had hoped to do that.  But so far, not so good.  I have already started the 'To Clean' list since it was site specific like make pantry pretty and enzymatic cleaner in the foyer.  Hopefully, the cats won't go and spray on the day of the showings!  I am really hoping to re-home at least one.  Maybe this weekend... that would be so nice.  I hate to hurt the boys, but sometimes tough decisions need to be made.

UGH.  The time is moving way too fast.  It's 7:45 already!  In just a bit, kiddo needs to get up for school.  I'm not going to have much time to write at all.  *sigh*  Oh well, on to getting it done!

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