Saturday, May 16, 2015


It's been a bit of an exciting couple of days.  Why?  Well, we officially decided to put in an offer on the stone house.  It's contingent on inspection and the sell of our house, but the offer is in and should be presented Monday.  The home is a foreclosure, so they can't present it until business hours.  I'm thinking we should hear end of next week.  Everyone is kind of... not super happy?  I realize that the house is another fixer.  But... after looking I'm just not a fan of the newer homes.  The more I look at this house, the more I love it.  It has a fantastic yard.  A nice large pool.  HUGE garage with a side yard that could be a run or another garage for a boat or whatever.  And it has a nice separated layout.  AKA, bedrooms are completely separate from the living space.  Except for what will eventually be our guest room.  Since we've never gotten many guests, it will really be more like an office/study.  It's at the front of the house and will be perfect for if Michael needs to work at home.  The entire home is stone.  I would eventually like to change the roof over to metal, but for now it's fine. 

Will it be some work?  Yes.  For one, I want to reconfigure the closets for the boys.  One room has two closets and the one is super deep.  It's odd.  So, I would like to actually leave that one the length of the room, but only 2ft. deep instead of the 3 or 4 it is now.  Mostly because behind that wall is 3 more closets that I would like to combine to make into a small laundry room.  The laundry is currently in the garage on the VERY FAR SIDE of the house!  So, we would like to remove most of the walls, insulate, and put them there.  There are already drains and water lines there for the hot water heater.  :D  With the other closet that is in that room, I would like to open it to the other bedroom giving it a full wall closet, too.  It just makes more sense.  Yes, it is some drywall work, but we can do that.  I will probably pay to have someone come in and do the finish because I hate it!  Eventually, I would like to re-do the master bath.  It's usable for now.  But eventually I'd like the toilet to be more private and to have a tub.  One entire wall is a HUGE vanity.  So large, it looks like it should be in a public restroom!  I don't need nor do I want one that large, so if that were downsized by half, the other changes would be possible.  :)  The big changes will be to the middle of the house.  I KNOW it's a lot of work.  I'm aware.  But I'm also willing to get help this time.  I know we got some last time, but it wasn't worth it.  This time, I'm thinking of talking to another designer and getting help that way.  We can do a LOT of the demo.  We can do a lot of the building.  But I would really like some help on the finishing.  Especially the ones like drywall.  I can do it.  I'm pretty good a it.  But I hate it!  It's so time consuming!  And MESSY.  We will see... the budget is going to be tight, so... we may end up doing it all again.  LOL  I guess we will see.  I just know I want storage areas and bedrooms done first.  Thankfully, the boys rooms, like I said, don't need much.  :D  Even the main part of our room won't need much.  It should be interesting! 

The waiting is going to be the hard part.  I hate the waiting. 

But now I am glad that we put the offer in.  Because last night the realtor requested a second viewing.  Then wrote this morning to ask how fast we could be out if we got an offer.  That sounds very promising!  I'm not going to get TOO excited until we have something in hand.  After all, it could be a crappy offer.  It could be crazy low.  Or have a weird contingency.  Who knows?  But it's still promising.  LOL  I'm still a wee bit excited!

All in all, it's been a good couple of days.  I repaired the towel bar, did some laundry, vacuumed, and finished up that box of papers in the office.  I have a bit more to do down there, but I've made great progress.  Just getting the papers in order makes me SO much happier and feel relieved.  I need to make a few more files, finish shredding (my shredder overheated!  And then go through some books.  Once that is done, then it will be another thing off of my very long list.  Which I need to review.  Although, some of these things were on my mind, just not on my list.  Like, cleaning out the lower left side of the pantry. I purged a few things and cleaned it all.  Made me happy!  Like I've said before, I know there will be a lot thrown out when we actually pack up, but for now, I'm trying to just let go of old/expired items.  I know that the expiration date is usually a best by date, but if I KNOW I haven't used it and I won't be using it, it's time to let it go.  Thankfully, it's not been much.  I've been doing ok with the using up things.  I hope I can keep that up for a while longer.  I enjoy it!  My wallet does, too. 

I guess that is all for now.  I need to pull out the old 'To Do' list and revise it.  Then I need to knock out some cleaning.  Then it's time with the kiddo.  Oldest kiddo is out with friends for the day!  Busy busy.  Better than sitting and doing nothing, I guess!  Until later!

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