Thursday, May 21, 2015

Looking for IT

I decided yesterday that instead of just hoping for a silver lining, I needed to actually LOOK for it!  I found it.  :)

I found it in going over the budget with hubby.  He finally got that I wasn't knocking his pay.  I wasn't complaining about lack of money.  I was stating a financial fact that we were already super tight running two households and that any other debts on top of what we were currently doing just wasn't possible.  Seeing the numbers and actually taking the time to process it, he finally got it!  I was so relieved.  That's a silver lining.  :)  He finally gets that I'm not trying to be a pain or whine about money.  He finally got that what I was trying to explain is that this is just how it is NOW.  Once we sell this house and he isn't renting, we will be fine.  As long as we don't go crazy on the house we buy, between the two that should be about $700 back into our cash flow.  Which means we would be just fine! 

Now that he has calmed down, I feel more calm and more enthusiastic.  Because before I was stressing over the numbers.  He was so adamant that I was second guessing myself and it was amping up my anxiety making me question the numbers even more.  Which made me feel like things were way worse than what they were.  Now that he gets its... it's a huge relief. 

I've also calmed down about the houses.  It will be what it will be and instead of focusing on what isn't right now, I'm focusing on little projects and things around here that I've been wanting to do or that need to be done.  I'm also focusing on me a bit more.  I cut and colored my hair (myself) and did a pedicure (again, myself).  I slept in this morning and now I'm doing a few things around the house.  I'm going to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I have ZERO control over.  I may even do some jewelry stuff because that would just be fun.  LOL 

What I'm putting off, because I'm SICK of it, is painting.  I just don't wanna. I NEED to get some things listed for sale, but I re-listed that dining/patio set and no takers.  BUMMED.  I really want to sell it.  I would refinish it and use it myself, but I'm just not sure.  I don't get why it isn't selling.  Maybe I should just keep it.  Anyways, I'm reluctant to sell anything else until the house is sold because what is here has the house somewhat staged.  I guess I could sell a few things, I'm just not sure what.  I've sorta been thinking of just donating crap.  I'm sorta sick of looking at some of it.  LOL  I'm just being lazy about it, I guess.  I think it's because the few things I've listed recently haven't moved.  I see people posting jump and it sells almost instantly.  Drives me crazy.  But what I'm really putting off is finishing the office and painting.  *SIGH*  I need to suck it up and get it done.

Not much else is going on except for school is officially out and we are SO glad.  We are all just burned out and need a few lazy days to recover.  Thankfully, this week has been easier on me and youngest, but oldest is worn to a nub.  I can tell because he looks worn to a nub!  He's tired, doesn't have any energy, dark under his eyes.  So, I already told him today he needed to take it easy.  It doesn't help that major storms have been going through so we've all felt severe sinus pressure which keeps us from sleeping and gives us headaches.  I know that is part of it.  Hopefully we stay healthy and are able to rest over the rest of this week/weekend. 

Ok, off I go.  I've already given my bedroom a good dusting, I've got the pull for the light downstairs drying from where I glued it back together, and folded some laundry.  I've got a small load of darks going, dishes washing, and I did several small things yesterday.  So, maybe I can get these few things done and talk myself into at least a smidge of painting.  I know part of the issue is the paint I was using was old, at the bottom, and starting to get clumpy.  So, I've left it open to dry out and then I'm going to put it in recycling.  Opening a new can with fresh paint should help so I keep telling myself to stop dreading it!  I just do.  But it needs to be done.  BADLY.  UGH.  I did find an area around the window I need to touch up, too.  It's like it has settled or dried and shrunk and needs another touch up.  I can do that.  I just don't wanna.  lol  But I need to stay busy and get things done so I'm not going crazy once the house does sell.  Maybe I will spend today doing a few odds and ends upstairs and then when I go to clean down there tomorrow, I will focus on paint.  Although, oddly enough, I kinda wonder if people will want to do viewings this weekend.  The weather is suppose to be nice, it's a long holiday weekend, and most people are out of school.  So, I'm wondering if people will try to take advantage of it to look at houses.  I sure hope so!  :D

Ok, for real.  Off I go!  Lunch and back to work!

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