Friday, May 29, 2015


So, after doing so well the other day, I had a mini meltdown of frustration and chucked my laptop.  I normally would've plopped it on the couch, but I chucked it on the floor and jacked up the screen.  I didn't throw it especially hard or violent, I just sorta threw it down and well... now I feel like I've wasted all of my careful penny pinching by ruining a brand new electronic device.  I guess I should have followed hubby's advice and returned it before.  The screen had been giving me issues from the get-go.  I think the issue is that it's a hybrid laptop/tablet and the different functions tend to fight.  There would be days it worked fine, great even.  And I would LOOOOOVE it.  Then it would hang up and not work much at all.  I think I am just better off with two separate devices.  :/  I think if we can get this one fixed, meaning if hubby can fix it, I will keep it as my tablet and for travel.  Then when we get settled, we will do what we agreed about getting a home set-up.  I will do the majority of stuff on the home one saving the other for only the tablet stuff like reading.  I'm not sure how much involvement I want with FB, either.  I'm starting to think that FB is a huge part of the problems.  It seems like after being on there, that's when I have issues with pages functioning the right way.

Other than that, I'm really not sure what to talk about.  I'm not talking to friends much right now.  I'm not posting on FB.  I've not even been blogging all that much.  I am writing in my journal, but that is about it.  It's not that I don't want to talk.  I just don't have much TO talk about.  There has still been no progress on the selling of the house.  Which is REALLY starting to eat at me.  It's been a month.  And not a single offer.  :/  I don't get it.  The realtor seemed SO sure of it selling and fast.  Then she seemed really sure of an offer last week. Nothing.  And then this weekend, hubby and I BOTH had a super strong feeling that it was going to happen and..... NOTHING.  I don't get it.  UGH.

I guess that is one thing on my mind is how long can we do this.  How long can we keep going on this house?  How long can we sit here waiting for it to sell?  I know what I told hubby about having to sit on it, but is that how we really want to live?  CAN we live that way?  I'm not sure I can do this for another year.  UGH.  My brain wants to keep moving forward, but I almost feel like it is wasted effort.  For example, I kind of want to just keep going forward with moving.  I told hubby to look into storage down there.  I think then when he comes up one weekend, he could fly and then just drive a Uhaul back with the things from our storage and garage down.  Plus anything else we want to go ahead and get out of way.  I'm thinking of going ahead and getting rid of most of the 'For Sale' items.  I'm thinking screw this whole staging thing!  I've also been thinking about dropping a hundred bucks or so on a 5gal. bucket of beige paint and neutralizing the whole damn house.  I hate to do/spend that, but I also want this place sold.  I'm not sure how the paint could stop a sale, but... whatever.  I've never let a paint deter me but people are weird.

Other things have been going ok. I'm just in a funk.

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