Friday, May 29, 2015


I came on here to post, and realized that the post I wrote a few days ago never got published.  So, you lucky folks are getting two for the price of one! HA!

Things are ok right now.  We had another showing and I think it went ok.  No real feedback, though.  On a good note, my brain has been in a better place, so that helps a ton.

It helps that I have been out of the house some.  LOL

So, we've been going over the options with our house.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this last post (I didn't go back and read it well) but we are at one month on the market.  We are REALLY bummed about no offer and as I said, we aren't sure how long we can do this separated thing.  It's hard and frustrating, and I'm just not sure we, as a family, can do it too long.  So tonight, hubby started looking at a few rentals down there just to see if anything was available.  And sure enough, a few things have popped up.  SO, we are now back to looking at that as a real and viable option.  If we can find something for $1000 or less, we could swing it now that all of our debt is down.  We only have two things left since I took my Mom's advice about paying off the HVAC.  And that is the AmEx card and my car.  That's it.  The other things we had already been working down and had paid off.  But with my parent's help and guidance, we paid off two others.  We had originally wanted to wait and save that money for the next house, but my Mom made some good points and after thinking on it, realized she could be right.  For one thing, it makes things easier NOW.  Less to stress over NOW.  For another, it gives our payments time to be reflected on our current credit reports.  Also, it will make closing and moving our accounts easier because there will be fewer to move!  I'm glad we went ahead and did it.

SO, with all of that in mind, we can do a rental now.  It's scary to think of leaving home we already own and hoping it sells.  We know if we do it smart, we can be ok for a while.  It just sucks a bit to be so tight.  Others do it on smaller, and we can, too.  But it's also nice to think of us all being together and not having us and things spread all over.  We have this house and storage and then hubby at his rental.  It would be great to get it all in one place.  Even if that place is only a rental.  It's looking like our best option unless some other things fall into line.  And maybe the house being empty will help.  And like I think I mentioned, we are thinking of neutralizing all of the paint.  If we do, I may very well hire someone. Depends on cost.  I think it would just need to be the foyer, living room, kitchen and hall.  I could probably do it myself, really.  Maybe just the living room/kitchen?  I'm going to think on it some more.  I just wonder if it being super neutral and empty would help, ya know?  I want to think people are smart enough to be able to change paint and see their things here, but I'm thinking maybe they can't?  No idea.  I guess we will see. I hate to spend much more time or effort, but I'm not sure what else to do at this point.  I'm really tempted to pack up as much as possible and go.  I pray that God gives us guidance.  I know what I would LIKE, but I also know that he sees a bigger picture than me so I pray that we are able to figure it out and be patient!

Well, I hope this helps me to sleep some.  I should REALLY get to bed.  UGH.  Wish me luck on doing the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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