Friday, June 5, 2015


I haven't been posting lately, but I should be as a means of dealing with my anxiety.  Because my levels have been through the roof lately!  Some good, some not so good.  So, there ya go.  I know that writing and working out would help, but I've not done either.  I HAVE done copious amounts of wine drinking.  I have done tons of not sleeping.  I'm worn pretty thin, truth be told so I'm trying to do some kind of decompression in the form of blogging. 

SO, I guess an update is in order.  On the weekend of May 30, we got confirmation of 3 verbal offers on the house!  We ended up only getting 2 in writing, but two was more than enough!  We countered one and it was accepted!  As excited as I SHOULD be, I know that until the inspections are over, they have an 'out'.  So, I'm waiting for that confirmation now -- our inspection was over 3 days.  Day 1 was the start of the radon testing.  day 2 was exterior and interior, day 3 (today) was radon readings.  I know the radon was clear because I was here when they pulled the machine!  Now we wait.  I hope everything is ok.  I'm sure there were things found, I'm sure we will need to do something.  I just want to know and get it locked it!  Pretty much, once this is done, we are all set.  I can't think of anything else that needs to be done.  Well, other than pack the whole house, find a new house, and get out!  UGH.

They want to close and start moving in on the 29th.  Today is June 5th!  That means 24 days... which means we actually need to be out a few days before that, or at least mostly out.  This is why my anxiety is through the roof... it's all the unsure's right now.  I hope we hear back soon about the inspection.  I don't want to house hunt until we do.  The plan is if the inspection comes back ok, I will go down to look Sunday/Monday.  Hopefully get offers in that week and then go from there.  It's just all of the waiting and stress up to that point and very little down time. 

UGH.  I really should just get up from here and get to work.  Typing this all out is actually making me feel MORE anxious. I think I just need to get to work and that will help.  Off I go!

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