Friday, June 19, 2015


This heat wave we're having is frying me out way faster than I'm liking.  I can't seem to get much accomplished because it's just so dang hot!  I have to stop all the time for breaks -- even if I'm just doing things in the garage. UGH.  But I'm making progress.  I'm just not sure it's ENOUGH progress.  Maybe I will feel better come Monday when they deliver the U-boxes.... I don't know.  Right now, it really feels like there are things EVERY WHERE.  Boxes in the downstairs, in the garage, in the hall, in the rooms... I'm trying to finish odds and ends projects and the hand full of odd 'fixes' for the inspection.  I realize I don't HAVE to finish the projects, but I refuse to leave it as-is.  It's a quirk of my personality.  I don't like to leave things a mess.  I don't mind leaving the painting as I know that is all about personal taste.  But I won't leave 'work'.  Basically, I'm finishing what we started in the office.  Which is trim, quarter round, and a coat of primer on the closet door.  I'm done with the trim.  I just need to finish the primer and the quarter round.  I'm going to go ahead and spackle and caulk it, but that is it.  I figure if they want it painted, they can paint it whatever color they would like.  It will be ready!  I also went ahead and finished the caulk on the fireplace.  I am, however, going to have to go back and caulk around one window.  I had spackled it at installation, but I think it shrank too much and it pulled away.  So, I'm going to go back over it with caulk and touch it up.  I'll do that while I have the caulk out for the office. 

We have exactly 10 days until closing.  Our inspection was over and there were no real hits on it.  We did go ahead and do several things on the list that were minor just because they were already on our 'To Do' list.  We've had our appraisal, but we haven't heard back if our price was right.  He indicated we looked good... but I just want to make sure!  I don't like sneaky weaky stuff.  LOL  No surprises at closing, please!

Anyways, our Uboxes come on Monday the 22nd.  They pick them up on the 29th @ 9AM.  I hope to have the vast majority of our stuff cleared out and packed up next week, but I'm worried about the weather with these storms and the heat.  I just may not be able to get as much done as I had hoped.  I'm a hard worker, but I'm just not sure how all of this will affect me.  The storms make it a wet job along with headaches.  The heat is about the same!  I just don't want the hubby to come home and work himself to death over the weekend, so I'm trying to knock out a chunk.  Which means this weekend and coming week, I need to get as much done as possible, but then we have the heat and the storms!  UGH.  And it's a lot.  I'm trying to finish eating the food out of the freezer and fridge but not go over my cals something horrible.  Although, my bro said he would take anything that didn't get eaten.  Which is awesome.  I may take a few things with me to my Mom's though.  I'm not sure how long we are going to be there, so I need to make sure we have food that I can eat there.  I may even take my own pans.  We will see. 

What is REALLY going to suck is that my parents don't have internet.  :/  That means my blog and everything will be ignored.  UGH.  I'm not sure what to even think of that.  I'm thinking that I will have to try to escape at least once a week to a coffee shop or something in the next town over to borrow some internet.  I will have to to pay bills and such since I will have all of the final bills from here.  Which I have to call and disconnect next week; looks like it is only 3 things.  I've already paid off or shut down most of the utilities and bills.  Score. 

Our big issue at this time is that we haven't been able to find a house.  We keep finding stuff that 'could' work, but nothing we love.  Although, there was one house on Camelot that we DID love, but they wouldn't work with us because our loan is a VA.  And our top number is 200k.  And that house was a bit over 200k.  Although, now the bank is saying if we pay off our car, we could do 250k.  I hate to do that, but we are not finding anything and it looks like that may be our best option.  So, we are going to look into it.  We only owe a bit over 5k.  So, I'm thinking of borrowing the money from my parents to pay it off and then paying them back once our sale has gone through.  I'm not sure what else to do. 

Well, I keep thinking of things to do and keep getting texts, so I guess I should get off of here and get rolling.  I just remembered that I have to get a toilet thing since the toilet downstairs takes FOREVER to fill.  So, one more thing to add on my list.  UGH.  And I'm too blubber brained today to do much but throw things in a box.  And now my oldest is acting like a big ol' baby and it's on my NERVE.  Already.  Crying over his stupid Kindle not being charged!  UGH.  Not like they didn't get to play a TON yesterday because it was either a billion degrees or storming.  :/ 

Ok, off I go.  Hopefully my head will let up enough that I can live and function.  Crap to do and no one to do it but me.  GAH.  I had forgotten how bad this moving thing can suck at times....

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  1. Hey Jewlz!! :)

    I am so behind, but from what it seems, you are having trouble with housing issue, and the weathers is really hot! But hang in there!! :) I hope you get internet soon and update us on what happen next! And Good luck! I hope thing goes your ways so that you'll be able to find a home that you love (and with an affordable price)


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