Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Taking a BREAK

I'm taking a break and cooling off.  It's SO hot out!  The heat index earlier was like, 106.  And it feels it.  I'm not even going to look now.  I'm going to focus on the fact that it is after 6 now and the temp is going down.  I'm going back out in 10 more mins.  I'm trying to work for 30, rest for 30.  Progress is slow, but it's progress.  I'm glad we're doing the Uhaul UBoxes.  I don't think we could load all this in like, one or two days and be out.  It's just... tooooooooo muuuuuuuuch heeeeeeeat.  I've sweat through my clothes like, 6 times. 

Luckily, my bro came today and cleared out quite a bit of stuff.  Which is great.  So, now I'm trying to finish doing some loading.  I'm trying to get all of the crap out of certain rooms.  I should do a list. Think I will do that now and come back to this later.

OK!  Did my list and did some work.  Probably wasted work.  I probably should've just waited. But...I got the futon in and almost all of the boxes. Tomorrow, I work with my BIL and SIL to clear out our storage unit.  I hope to get all of that in boxes, too.  For now, we only have one room that is 'officially' empty.  That is our second bathroom downstairs.  BUT, the office is pretty empty other than a trunk and one filing cabinet.  AND, my youngest's room is empty other than a dresser and his electronics.  I know I won't get a room knocked out tomorrow unless you count the storage unit.  But I'm going to take the progress where I can.

We STILL don't know anything on the other house.  We have less than a week to be out.  AND, I keep getting bad headaches.  UGH.  So... it's a bit of mayhem and I'm not happy about it.  But we will survive.  I just pray that if this is the house for us, that it works out.  I just want my family happy and safe.  But if it IS NOT the house that God has planned, that something will happen to firmly shut the door. Because this back and forth with the hubby is so hard...  And I will admit that financially, I worry it is a mistake. :/  I know the house is in an area that sells MUCH higher.... but I'm worried we are pushing it NOW.  Does that make sense? 

Ok, enough fretting.  I should go to bed and soon. I'm tired.  My body hurts.  I need to get rest or I won't be much use tomorrow.  Although, the kids are 'camping out' in the living room so I'm kinda sticking around a bit to make sure they go to sleep. Youngest is pooped, so rest is necessary at this point. Although, I see the fight still.  LOL 

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