Monday, October 19, 2015

New House

SO, I've gotten side tracked lately talking about finances and getting that priority on track.  Now that it is on track, I thought I would start talking a bit about buying a foreclosure.

While buying it certainly saved us money and got us into a nicer house and area than what we THOUGHT we could do, it has been a monster from DAY 1.  There were tons of issues from the bank to the realtors to the inspections.  Just one hit after another.  And the process took WEEKS.  But we finally got it.  I can go into more detail on that sometime, but not tonight. Tonight, we discuss the nastiness.

The house, while in good shape, had been unused for quite a while so it was FILTHY.  The first two weeks alone were spent just cleaning.  I came over from the rental we had for a week just to clean.  And then even after we got areas ok and moved things in, the second week was more of the same.  I had to vacuum and then scrub and then put down some sort of covering because so much was just destroyed.  It worked out and I got a ton of that done, but unpacking went slowly.  Then we had new carpet installed in the hallway and 3 bedrooms plus the front living room.  Who knew carpet would make such a change?  The first photo is of the hall, but all of the carpet looked like that....

So, we tore all that mess out!  Which also saved us on the new install since they didn't have to charge us for removal and clean up.  However, the company we used was EXCELLENT and took the old bundled carpets with them.  We had cut it in 3ft sections, rolled them up, then taped to make it easy to haul out.

Then they installed the new!  It's a light grayish brown.  I like how it took the bedroom walls from a dark orange to a lighter tan/coral.  It's a warm color, but we are going to treat it as a neutral.

Once that was done, we got some work done in the oldest's bedroom.  The before was just the ugly carpet and plain walls.  Now, he has a solar system room.  We have a few accessories to buy and two floating shelves to install, but other than that it is done with the major stuff like paint and furniture.

His main walls are a pale blue like the sky.  the back wall and part of the ceiling is black like the night sky.  I thought this pic had the furniture in, but it is in.  The stars aren't finished, but they will be soon.  And I need to properly hang his curtains even though all of that will need to be retouched at some point.  The windows are in kinda crappy shape and I will need to do the woodwork outside and some drywall inside.  Eventually.  I would like to do it NOW, but we just don't have the money to do it all.

The other kiddo's bedroom isn't done, yet.  A style has finally been chosen, and the furniture we ordered is now in except for one piece which should be here soon.  I hope to paint that room soon.  We have also started deconstruction on the kiddo's bathroom.  It's awful...

 In case you can't see the yuck, let me describe this for you.  Those are the original 1989 faucets and knobs -- all in shiny gold brass.  What you CAN'T see is the plastic clear handles and the discoloration and that they spit water all over the damn place!  Then the tile... the tile is YELLOW.  Thankfully not harvest gold but a pale yellow that I can live with once I neutralize the rest.  The wallpaper is some sort of tribal pattern in pink and it is MISERABLE to get off.  I've tried every trick, but the paper was stuck to unpainted drywall.  I see a LOT of patching in my future.  So, the plan here isn't simple, but it's not complicated, either.  Since the kids will use this, the plan is to keep what works and that is the vanity.  The only REAL change there will be that I am going to clean them really well and change the knobs.  We've already purchased new faucets also.  The vanity is in great shape, so no need to waste it when I can update it and make it work.  The floors... not so much.  The floors are also a pale yellow, but they have cracked over the 20yrs.  We bought new tile for that, but I have yet to remove the old tile.  That is the plan over the next few weeks.  We COULD keep the toilet, but none of the THREE in this house work well!  So, we have also purchased a new toilet.  I'm keeping the light fixture even if it is considered ugly.  It's the movie make-up ones with all the bulbs.  I am going to give it a spray and change the bulbs to LED.  The color now is brass, I believe.  It will be metallic or white.  Or I may just take the one out of my bathroom as it is already white.  LOL  The walls, once the paper is removed, is going to be bead board painted ultra white.  I'm only doing the wall paper because I don't want to remove bead board in 10 or so years and have to remove wall paper, too!  HA!  The shower is going to stay as it is other than the new faucet and handle.  We MAY get the shower re-epoxied all in white, but we will see.  It's not that big of a deal for me since it's in good shape, ya know?

SO, that is the progress we have made so far.  Not too bad for being in the house only 2mos!  We are going on 3, but still.  We've lost time due to budget and other things.  So to get us back on schedule, I need to be working on all of the demo.  I need to demo the kiddo's bath and the guest bath at some point.  I also need to just keep moving forward.  Although today, all I've managed is to sit here and do this!  But it's sorta been good because it's made me feel like more has been done than I thought.  It makes me realize what a good amount of work has been done even if it didn't feel like it at first.  And that is only counting the things on the inside of the house!  And the rooms that are close to finished or in progress.  That hasn't covered the rooms that have just gotten new furniture.  Or the outside!  We've done quite a bit outside already.  :)  I should take some pics of that.  I have some before.  But that can wait for another post.

Ok, I am off for today.  I need to do a bit of cleaning and some laundry.  Fun fun. 

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